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AnnualBibliography ofStudies in WesternAmericanLiterature Editor: Virgil R. Albertini, Northwest Missouri State University. Staff: Dolores A. Albertini, Maryville, Missouri; Donna Barmann, North­ west Missouri State University; Robert J. Brophy, California State Uni­ versity, Long Beach; Thomas J. Lyon and Dana Brunvand, Utah State University. Authors of books and articles are encouraged to call the editor’s attention to items for inclusion in the bibliography. Abbey, Edward. Bryant, Paul T. “Echoes, Allusions, and ‘Reality’ in Hayduke Lives!.” Western American Literature, 25 (February 1991), 311-322. Ronald, Ann. The New West ofEdward Abbey. Reno: University of Nevada Press, 1990. Alderson, Nannie. Bevis, William W. “Alderson’s Bride Goes West.” Ten Tough Trips: Montana Writers and the West. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1990, pp. 49-75. Atwood, Margaret. Banerjee, Chinmoy. “Atwood’s Time: Hiding Art in Cat’s Eye.”Modem Fiction Studies, 36 (Winter 1990), 513-522. Keith, W.J. Introducing Margaret Atwood’s The Edible Woman: A Reader’s Guide. Toronto: ECW Press, 1989. Morris, Mary. “Interview with Margaret Atwood.” The Paris Review, 117 (Winter 1990), 69-88. York, Lorraine M. “The Habits of Language: Uniform(ity), Transgression and Margaret Atwood.” Canadian Literature, 126 (Autumn 1990), 6-19. Austin, Mary. Church, Peggy Pond. Wind’s Trail: The Early Life of Mary Austin. Ed. Shelley Armitage. Albuquerque: Museum of New Mexico Press, 1990. 314 Western American Literature Langlois, Karen S. “A Fresh Voice from the West: Mary Austin, California, and American Literary Magazines, 1892-1910.” California History, 69 (Spring 1990), 22-35. Ball, Eve. Clayton, Lawrence. “An Interview with Eve Ball.” Journal ofBig Bend Studies, 3 (1991), 125-138. Berryman,John. Mariani, Paul. Dream Song: TheLife ofJohn Berryman. New York: William Morrow, 1990. Bibliographies. Albertini, Virgil R. “Annual Bibliography of Studies in Western American Lit­ erature.” WesternAmerican Literature, 25 (February 1991), 323-346. ---------. “Works on Cather 1989-90: A Bibliographical Essay "Willa CatherPioneer MemorialNewsletter, 34 (Fall 1990), 34-37. Brienzo, Gary. “Developments in Cather Scholarship.” Platte Valley Review, 19 (Spring 1991), 79-89. Bryer,Jackson, ed. SixteenModem American Authors, Volume 2:A Survey ofResearch and Criticism since 1972. Durham: Duke University Press, 1990. Colberg, Nancy. Wallace Stegner: A Descriptive Bibliography. (Introduction by James R. Hepworth). Lewiston, Idaho: Confluence Press, 1990. Harmon, Robert B. The Grapes ofWrath:A Fifty YearBibliographicSurvey. SanJose: The Steinbeck Research Center, SanJose State University, 1990. Hilt, Kathryn and Ruth M. Alverez. KatherineAnne Porter:An Annotated Bibliogra­ phy. New York: Garland, 1990. Roush,Jan. “Research in Western American Literature: 1989-90.’’WesternAmeri­ can Literature, 25 (February 1991), 347-354. Ruoff, A. LaVonne Brown. American Indian Literatures: An Introduction, Biblio­ graphic Review, and Selected Bibliography. New York: Modern Language Asso­ ciation, 1990. Wilkinson, Charles F. The American West: A Narrative Bibliography and a Study in Regionalism. Niwot, Colorado: University Press of Colorado, 1989. Bierce, Ambrose. Couser, G. Thomas. “Writing the Civil War: Ambrose Bierce’s ‘Jupiter Doke, Brigadier General’.” Studies in AmericanFiction, 18 (Spring 1990), 87-98. Bly, Robert. Bly, Robert. IronJohn. New York: Addison-Wesley, 1991. Annual Bibliography 315 Davis, William V. “Affinity and Judgment: The Private and Public Poems of Robert Bly’s Early Career.” Notes on Contemporary Literature, 20 (January 1990), 7-9. Brink, Carol Ryrie. Reed, Mary E. Carol Ryrie Brink. Boise State University: Western Writers Series, 1991. Burroughs, William. Ames, Christopher. “Calling for Ketchup in Burroughs and Pynchon.”Notes on Contemporary Literature, 20 (January 1990), 10-12. Cabeza de Vaca, Alvar Nunez. Wild, Peter. AlvarNuiiez Cabeza de Vaca. Boise State University: Western Writers Series, 1991. Canadian. Banerjee, Chinmoy. “Atwood’s Time: Hiding Art in Cat’s Eye." Modern Fiction Studies, 36 (Winter 1990), 513-522. Bergmann, Harriet F. ‘“A Piercing Virtue’: Emily Dickinson in Margaret Drabble’s The Waterfall.”Modem Fiction Studies, 36 (Summer 1990), 181-193. Comeau, Paul. “Hagar in Hell: Margaret Laurence’s Fallen Angel.” Canadian Literature, 128 (Spring 1991), 11-22 . Harris, Mason. “Broken Generations in Obason: Inner Conflict and the Destruc­ tion of Community.” Canadian Literature, 127 (Winter 1990), 41-57. Keith, W. J. Introducing Margaret Atwood’s The Edible Woman: A Reader’s Guide. Toronto: ECW Press, 1989. ------------ . A Sense ofStyle: Studies in the Art ofFiction in English-Speaking Canada. Toronto: ECW Press, 1990. Morris, Mary. “Interview with Margaret Atwood.” TheParis Review...


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