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brainflea n. Useless information sent via brain/web interface, primarily concerned with marketing. 2019 Oct 12 Glade Dunning Cyberspeak [posting on think-the-stream] Braintwitters started arriving at Podmarket Promos on Saturday afternoon. I was the first to get a complaint, but we were all getting them soon enough. Seemed our latest brainflea had sunk its teeth and wasn’t letting go—a particularly viral promo Quimbly dreamed up for BellyBurners that projected itself into the upper right occipital quadrant beneath the eyelid, making it distracting to anyone’s vision and ensuring there was no way you were going to blink that one out of your eye. 2019 Nov 1 javinflav on Scooberwatch Even with the case of EDs (Extra-invasive Data) like what Podmarket is putting out, the problem with brainfleas is that they’re essentially just a retinal base without any deeper ocular invasiveness. If brainfleas can’t create a deeper neural probe to leave some sort of ocular trace, you’re just going to have people dumping these QBF’s from their memory [unlike Nerve-Ending-Strings that cling to spinal-receptors, check out Wildgirlz NES#1a-5]. That’s a lot of eye-space lost for a single brainflea getting squashed in a blink.

mush v. [“Just Mush the Bitch,” song by American Musician, G-Spot] 1. Heterosexual intercourse where the female has her face pressed firmly against a surface (usually floor) in a forceful manner. 2016 Feb 1 G-Spot http://www.songlyrics/mushthebitch_0985.php: If your girl is acting the slut, just mush the bitch, just mush the bitch/and if the young thing starts acting up, just mush that shit, yeah must that shit/I want to see those panties drop/I want to see that cherry pop/as I mush your shit, yeah mush that shit. 2016 Feb 24 Late Night with Dymon Shields (transcript): Dymon Shields: “I think we all want to know: just what is mushing?” G-Spot: “Psh, I’ll mush you right now [laughter]. Seriously? Well, mushing is when you take your girl and put her face down, you know, against the carpeting or her mom’s old ratty bathroom tiles. Psh. You know you been mushing when you can count the tiles on her face when she get up [laughter].” 2016 March 14 Tommy Tanzotti MTV Spring Break Unchained with Tommy Tanzotti (transcript) “Wassup-wassup? Ohhhh yeah, we down here chillin’ with the hottest females in Cabo. Yo, what’s your name?”/ “Sarah.”/ [End Page 80] “And where you from?”/ “I’m from Ohio. I go to Oberlin.”/ “I bet you do a lot of mushing at Oberlin.”/ “I sure do.”/ “Why don’t you put your face on the ground and show us how you mush it. Yeah, that’s it. Mush it, baby, mush it.” 2. To embarrass someone publically through domination or degradation, often in business. 2016 June 18 Larry Spence Business Week “When it comes to foreclosing, a lot of us will refer to it as mushing. At the office it’s not difficult to hear a quote like, ‘You should’ve seen how I mushed the Johnsons today, had the husband face down, wife crying.’”

Orange blossom, orange-blossom n. [THRRADS 4.b. ‘a special-purpose high-explosive bomb of incredible damage’ 2016] Large and powerful conventional bomb dropped from PICA [PlayCube-Interactive-Controlled Aircraft] 2017 Oct 15 Tim Penicaud Military Journal VII <<>> TACTICAL SUPPORT FOR AREA “PRAYING MANTIS” The KLMT-8 bomb, which scorches targets with a burst of white phosphorous powder burning at 6700C, was released for use against Turkey. The bomb, also known as an orange-blossom, is able to “liquidate largely populated areas.” From an aerial view each bomb creates a large white star-like pattern that resembles the flower. 2017 Aug 1 Sgt. Marcus Wicker ArmySpeak: “You try telling my guys we’re in a financial squeeze. Men who served with me were affected by orange blossoms, and we’re getting this...