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  • Canadian Ethnic Studies/Études Ethniques au CanadaVol. 45, Nos. 1-2, 2013 and Vol. 45, No. 3, 2013


  • Collins, Jock. Multiculturalism and Immigrant Integration in Australia. 45.3: 133-149.

  • Enns, Richard, Anna Kirova and David Connolly. Examining Bonding and Bridging Activities in the Context of a Common Spaces Approach to Integration. 45.3: 39-63.

  • Evans, Simon M. Some Factors Shaping the Expansion of Hutterite Colonies in Alberta since the Repeal of the Communal Property Act in 1973. 45.1-2: 203-236.

  • Guo, Shibao. Economic Integration of Recent Chinese Immigrants in Canada’s Second-Tier Cities: The Triple Glass Effect and Immigrants’ Downward Social Mobility. 45.3: 95-115.

  • Guo, Yan. Language Polices and Programs for Adult Immigrants in Canada: A Critical Analysis. 45.1-2: 23-41.

  • Iacovino, Raffaele, and Rémi Léger. Francophone Minority Communities and Immigrant Integration in Canada: Rethinking the Normative Foundations. 45.1-2: 95-114.

  • Lebrun, Lydie A., and Thomas A. LaVeist. Health Status among Black Canadians: Results from a National Survey. 45.1-2: 143-155.

  • Li, Eva Xiaoling, Peter S. Li, Li Zong, Wen Hua, Wen Rong and Abuduhade. Integration of Minority Migrant Workers in Lanzhou China. 45.3: 117-131.

  • Li, Peter S., and Eva Xiaoling Li. Decomposing Immigrants’ Economic Integration in Earnings Disparity: Racial Variations in Unexpected Returns. 45.3: 81-94.

  • Lund, Darren E., and Parvinder Hira-Friesen. Measuring the Welcoming Capacities of Host Urban and Rural Communities. 45.3: 65-80.

  • Mayan, Maria, Alina Tanasescu Turner, Lucenia Ortiz, and Jessica Moffatt. Building a Multicultural Coalition: Promoting Participation in Civic Society among Ethnic Minority Communities. 45.1-2: 157-178. [End Page 167]

  • Mensah, Joseph, and Christopher J. Williams. Ghanaian and Somali Immigrants in Toronto’s Rental Market: A Comparative Cultural Perspective of Housing Issues and Coping Strategies. 45.1-2: 115-141.

  • Nakhaie, Reza. Ideological Orientation of Professors and Equity Policies for Racialized Minorities. 45.1-2: 43-67.

  • Olson, Sherry. Silver and Hotcakes and Beer: Irish Montreal in the 1840s. 45.1-2: 179-201.

  • Tomic. Patricia. The Colour of Language: Accent, Devaluation and Resistance in Latin American Immigrant Lives in Canada. 45.1-2: 1-21.

  • Wilkinson, Lori. Introduction: Developing and Testing a Generalizable Model of Immigrant Integration. 45.3: 1-7.

  • Wong, Lloyd L., and Annette Tézli. Measuring Social, Cultural and Civic Integration in Canada: The Creation of an Index and Some Applications. 45.3: 9-37.

  • Zhu, Nong, and Denise Helly. L’inégalité, la pauvreté et l’intégration économique des immigrants au Canada. 45.1-2 : 69-93.

Research Notes/Notes de recherche

  • Fiore, Anna Maria. Le capital social collectif des Sud-Asiatiques de Montréal : De l’entre soi au mainstream. 45.1-2 : 237-260.

Response to a Review/Réponse à une recension

  • Labelle, Micheline. Response to Maryse Potvin. Micheline Labelle. Racisme et antiracisme au Québec. Discours et déclinaisons. 45.1-2: 261-264.


  • Anderson, Kim. Life Stages and Native Women: Memory, Teaching, and Story Medicine. By Travis Hay. 45.3: 161-163.

  • Baskin, Cyndy. Strong Helpers’ Teachings: The Value of Indigenous Knowledges in the Helping Professions. By John W. Friesen. 45.1-2: 285-287.

  • Clarkson, Adrienne. Room for All of Us: Surprising Stories of Loss and Transformation. By Michael Lanphier. 45.1-2: 272-273.

  • Creese, Gillian. The New African Diaspora in Vancouver: Migration, Exclusion, and Belonging. By Parvinder Hira-Friesen. 45.3: 151-153.

  • Creet, Julia, and Andreas Kitzmann, eds. Memory and Migration: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Memory Studies. By John C. Lehr. 45.1-2: 274-275. [End Page 168]

  • Fleras, Augie. The Media Gaze: Representations of Diversities in Canada. By Sherry S. Yu. 45.1-2: 276-277.

  • Flynn, Karen. Moving Beyond Borders: A History of Black Canadian and Caribbean Women in the Diaspora. By Alana Butler. 45.3: 159-161.

  • Friesen Hossack, Darcie. Mennonites Don’t Dance. By John W. Friesen. 45.1-2: 270-272.

  • Gérin-Lajoie, Diane. Youth, Language, and Identity: Portraits of Students from English Language High Schools in the Montreal Area. By Yan Guo. 45.3: 155-157.

  • Hamdon, Evelyn Leslie. Islamophobia and the Question of Muslim Identity: The Politics...


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