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Alban, Gillian M.E.
Medusa as Female Eye or Icon in Atwood, Murdoch, Carter, and Plath
46.4 163-82
Bailey, Suzanne
Ethics, Aesthetics, Modernism, and the Primitive in P.K. Page’s Brazilian Journal
46.1 53-75
Bolt, David
Aesthetic Blindness: Symbolism, Realism, and Reality
46.3 93-108
Brown, Nahum
The Modality of Sovereignty: Agamben and the Aporia of Primacy in Aristotle’s Metaphysics Theta
46.1 169-82
Carter, Josephine
The Ethics of the Melancholic Witness: Janet Frame and W.G. Sebald
46.1 1-18
Casey, Janet G.
Realism and the Discursive Dynamics of the Popular Periodical, 1900-1930
46.2 123-45
Dickinson, Philip
Feeling, Affect, Exposure: Ethical (In)capacity, the Sympathetic Imagination, and J.M. Coetzee’s Disgrace
46.4 1-19
Duran, Angelica
The Blind Bard, According to John Milton and His Contemporaries
46.3 141-57
Gill, R.B.
The Uses of Genre and the Classification of Speculative Fiction
46.2 71-85
Goodman, Susan
Bearing Witness: Edith Wharton’s The Book of the Homeless
46.2 87-103
Hall, Susanne E.
Hart Crane in Mexico: The End of a New World Poetics
46.1 135-49
Hamilton, Geoff
“Murder Everywhere”: Whitman, Lish, and the Face of Self-Celebration
46.1 151-67
Helvacıoglu, Banu
Melancholy and Hüzün in Orhan Pamuk’s Istanbul
46.2 163-78
Janes, Daniela
The Limits of the Story: Reading the Castaway Narrative in A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder and Life of Pi
46.4 109-25
Jewell, Tess
Blinding the Screen: Visualizing Disability in Le scaphandre et le papillon
46.3 109-24
Kelman, David
To the Side of the Day: Comparison without Comparison in Pynchon (and…)
46.3 125-39
Kilgore, Christopher D.
Rhetoric of the Network: Toward a New Metaphor
46.4 37-58
Kim, Hyo K.
Embodying the In-Between: Theresa Hak Kyung Cha’s Dictee
46.4 127-43
Linett, Maren
Blindness and Intimacy in Early Twentieth-Century Literature
46.3 27-42
McGowan, Todd
The Presence of Phenomenology: Hegel and the Return to Metaphysics
46.1 95-111
McLennan, Rachael
Cautionary Whales? Adolescence and Genre in Juno and Push
46.2 105-21
Mahlstedt, Andrew
Animal’s Eyes: Spectacular Invisibility and the Terms of Recognition in Indra Sinha’s Animal’s People
46.3 59-74
Marrouchi, Mustapha
Possibles: Of Blodgett/Brault
46.2 1-18
Marshall, Ian
Stalking the Gaps: The Biopoetics of Haiku
46.4 91-107
Mattison, Laci
Nabokov’s Aesthetic Bergsonism: An Intuitive, Reperceptualized Time
46.1 37-52
Morrison, Ray
The City and its Ontology in Lawrence Durrell’s Alexandria Quartet
46.2 55-70
Neimneh, Shadi
The Anti-Hero in Modernist Fiction: From Irony to Cultural Renewal
46.4 75-90
Newman-Stille, Derek
Where Blindness is Not (?) a Disability: Alison Sinclair’s Darkborn Trilogy
46.3 43-58
Olsén, Jan Eric
Vicariates of the Eye: Blindness, Sense Substitution, and Writing Devices in the Nineteenth Century
46.3 75-91
Ou, Hsin-yun
The Chinese Stereotypical Signification in Ah Sin
46.4 145-61
Paterson, Mark
“Looking on darkness, which the blind do see”: Blindness, Empathy, and Feeling Seeing
46.3 159-77
Petit, Susan
Living in Different Universes: Autism and Race in Robinson’s Gilead and Home
46.2 39-54
Punday, Daniel
Donald Barthelme and the Emergence of the Dynamic Page
46.1 113-33
Rottenberg, Catherine
Wallace Thurman’s The Blacker the Berry and the Question of the Emancipatory City
46.4 59-74
Scherr, Rebecca
Shaking Hands with Other People’s Pain: Joe Sacco’s Palestine
46.1 19-36
Signori, Lisa F.
Social Commentary in Coline Serreau’s Saint-Jacques… La Mecque
46.4 21-36
Steeves, H. Peter
Gone, Missing
46.3 1-26
Svendsen, Christina
Hiding in Plain Sight: Problems of Modernist Self-Representation in the Encounter Between Adolf Loos and Josephine Baker
46.2 19-37
Wolfe, Graham
Making the Real Appear: Schmitt’s Enigma Variations as a “Traversal of the Fantasy”
46.2 147-62
Zeng, Minhao
The Intricacies of Cosmopolitanism: Shirley Geok-lin Lim’s Among the White Moon Faces


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