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THE BANQUET CELEBRATING THE COMPLETION OF THE OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY JUNE 6, 1928»*·*!!!''*„,«· - .-Hs -IT*: 4 CELEBRATION OF THE COMPLETION OF THE OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY. TICleimesfcap, 6tb 3unc, 1928. !Prime TKHaröen: SIR WILLIAM JACKSON POPE. K.B.E., DSc F.R.S. TKHaröens : THE RIGHT HON LORD WARGRAVE. P.C. MAJOR EDWIN VICTOR WELLBY. THE RIGHT HON. LORD BLANESBURGH, P.C., G.B.E. CIerh ; WALTER TREVERBIAN PRIDEAUX, Esq. 236 June 6, 1928 237 OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY GOLDSMITHS' HALL 6 JUNE 1928 PRIME WARDEN Sir WilliamJackson Pope, ?.ß,e.,, f.r.s. WARDENS Rt. Hon. Lord Wargrave, p.c. Major Edwin Victor Wellby Rt. Hon. Lord Blaneshurgb, p.c., g.b.e. CLERK Walter Treverhim Prideaux, esq. 238The Banquet Celebrating the OED THE OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY 1884-1928 T Oxford Didionary, thegreatest enterprise ofits kind in history, andtheonlyhistoricaldictionary,on agrandscale,ofany language to he completedinourtime,wasbasedon the collections madebythePhilological Societyandanarmyofvolunteers worh ing over a longperiod, andthe burden ofitspublication was eventually undertakenbythe UniversityofOxford. Thefirstpartwasissuedin1884. The work as completedin ten volumes contains over 15,000 large quarto pages,in which themeaningandhistoryofhalfamillionEnglishwordsare definedandillustrated. Theeditorialtaskhasbeen carriedthroughbythehteSir JamesMu,ray (îZyj'iyiç,), the late Henry Bradley (i8^yi^), Wimam Alexander Craigie, andCharles Talbut Onions. The costofproducingthe work hasbeen borne bythe University; but the Worshipful Company ofGoldsmiths in 190$ contributed£5,000 to the costofonevolume. Thehappyterminationofthegreatworkiscelebratedbyadinnerin Gohl· smiths' Hall on Wednesday 6June 1928, when the Prime Warden and Wardensentertainofficialsofthe UniversityanditsPress,themembersof the Dictionary staff, andmany representativesofEnglishphilology both ofthiscountryandfromoverseas. June 6, 1928239 GRACE 'For these and all Thymercies' From the LATJDI SPIRITUAL!, A.D. 1545 NATIONAL ANTHEM Dr. J. Bull 240The Banquet Celebrating the OED MENU r Caviar Saumonfumé r Tortue claire r Saumon houiîîi Sauce Hollandaise r Selle d'Agneau Légumes r Cañesroyales Salade de Muscat r Jambon de Yorkau Champagne r Asperges vertes Sauce mousseuse r Mousseglacéefavorite Biscuits Italiens r Homardsgratinés June 6, 1928241 WINE LIST PORTCrofts?f SHERRYVino de Pasto BURGUNDYGrandMusigny?? MADEIRAFine oldEast India HOQKGrafenhergyAusleseiçoû CHAMPAGNEPommery ZT Greno ?? CLARETCh. Margauxipoy 242The Banquet Celebrating the OED TOAST LIST r CHURCH and KING r HER MAJESTY the QUEEN, the PRINCE of WALES and the other members ofthe ROYAL FAMILY The EDITORS and STAFF of the OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY Proposedby the prime minister THE RT. HON. STANLEY BALDWIN P.C., M.P. Responded to by PROFESSOR WILLIAM A. CRAIGIE HON. D.LITT. OXON. r The UNIVERSITY of OXFORD Proposedby the prime warden SIR WILLIAM JACKSON POPE ?·?·?·9 D«SC«p F>R*S· Responded to by the vice-chancellor FRANCIS W. PEMBER D.c.L., Warden ofAll Souls College June 6, 1928 243 Uli|?#??G»?5?? Il I é m§ i ^¦1$9&W/ *Nfe.4 i ^ m ,.."'"' 244 The Banquet Celebrating the OED ; ï ï h a* c! .1 ï E? If ï i < 'i»IR WILLIAM J K.B.K.. o.Bc-, F C 4 Q i* : i ü ? If I, ? ThB MICM Han. TtM CAUL OF HARH0WIV. Th* HIgM Han. Ur JAM» ACU-UAftBHIFl, P,C, ?.?. Mr. C. R, L· FLITCHBR, mr. M A WLV. Mr. t. B1 QUNDV. Pr*'. J. R. TOLKIIN. Mr. W. ft, MCfIIOITH, tir OWtN MAMAN, LLD. Th* Rlihl Hon. HM EARL OP CfI A W FOHO A DALCARRCI, H-T., P.C., F.R.J. Í - -'¦ — a Dr1 JOHN d* M, JOMHfON, O.UH. Mr. D. O. MALCOLM. ?ta?. P. I. AOCOCK1 0.1.1. Prot. I. M tlLlNCOuHT. Mr. H. WHATLET. Mr1 L· C. WHARTOH, Mr, L P, HWCLL Hr ALFRED ROOtINt. Qui. Thi Right Hpi- •fOtJAH C. W BD ÙWdUD1 D.1,0., P.C., K.P. PiM. J. L BRI ERLT. Pre*. E. V. CORDON. Pr»t, F, W, THOMAt. Riv, ThE HM. W. TALIOT RIBE. Mr. J. F, W. DEACON. Mr. H. V. UDQ W ICK. Dr. A. E, COWLEV, O.UH. PFM. H. C, WVLD. Mr. IRET IHGE. Mr. R. M. LEOMARD. PrAl. R. W. CHAMEERI1 O.LMt. Dr, P. IEVMQUR PRtCI, Mr. C. C. W. NEWIEQIN. Prof. OLIVER H. P1 PRIOR1 Mr. J. W. Il RT. Mr. W. J. LlWlI. The Right Htn, Ur HEHRV MIERg1 D.Hc1 F.R.I.»ir ARCHUALD CARROD, K.C.M.G., D.M., P.R.«. THE PRESI AAgDCIATION, THI CENTRAL NfWI AOEHOV. THC EXCHANQI TILiORAPH CO. THt ClTV PREU. Mr. R. M. CRUTTWELU PiM. D. HlOHOL IMlTH. Mr. AOEL CHEVALLtV. Mr. J. C. JOUIRE. Mr. C, E. IUCKLE. n. DN OF DLVPFE, P.C. Mr. I. C. HOBEHTg. Mr. ORUCC L RICHMOND. Mr. DINNIg HtRBERT, ?.?. Mr. E. t. ORÁIS. Mr. F. J, tWEATMAN. Mr. T. W. L FHIEDRrCHHN. Mr, A. W. PICKAHD QAMDRtDQI. June 6, 1928 245 RBEH, POPE, " * tí - Is si ' :î P Tl C 9 ! G ?? ?-! 'g J Th* Viel DhanoiHor ol London Univiraiiy, Sir WILLIAM BEVCRI D CE, K.C.8,, LL.D, ALDENHAM1 Hr JOHN MURRAY, K.C.V.O. Mr, P, E, MATHESON, trig-Qw. Sir THE TIM». THI MORNING POgT, THE DAILY TELEGRAPH. THE MANCHESTER GUARDIAN. PHf. F. S. B-OAI. Hl-. W. O. ROSE. Mt. CYRIL H. WtLKlHfQN. Sir WtLLIAM ICHOOLINO, K.B.C. Mr, C BOOTH HEMIHC1 C,CC. IUpt. C. F. J. CUMIERLCCE, Mr. Q. W. I. HOPKINJ, Mr. A. L P, NOkRINCTON. Mr. W. D. HOCAHTH, Hr ANOREW T, TAYLOR, Mr. J. H. WHITEHDRN. CoI. Sir ROBERT WJLLIAMS, Bart. Mr. P, F. C. WJLLlAMS. Mr. C. T. HEVOOCK, F.R.S. Hr EOMUHO CHAMIERS, K.B.E., C-B. Mr. A, F. gCHOLFIELD. Or. ABRAHAM FLtKNtH. tit WILLIAM MCCORMICK, LLD, Eir DUQALD CLERK, K.B.E., D.H., F.R.I. Dr. R. T. CUNTHER, LL.D. Mr. J. F. CAMERÚN. Pref, H1 W, C, DAVIt, CB.E. Mr, J. M, RAMgAV. Mr. T. R. CARLINE. Sir ARTHUR CHURCHMAN, Bart., M.P. Th* Ri(M HW. LORD QUCENBOROUCH, CLE, Mr. R, A. RVE, Mr. P. T. J. DADLEV. Mr. R. GTHYANMr , F. A. VOCKHtT. CHARLES OMAN, IC.O.E-, D.C.U, M.P. Z Ut HEHRV NEWBOLT1 CH1 Hr FHEDtRICK MACMILLAN1 C.V.O. Ur ISRAEL COLLANCZ, Litt.D. prol. C. C. FRIES. Prof. H. L FUJtWtLL Li«ul.-CoL L W. G. BUTLER. Uwl.-Col. J. H. LESLIE. Mr. KENNETH SISAM. Mr. P. MADAH. Prat. H. W. DARROD. Jh* Rt, Hon. VIlCDUl Sir JOHN AtHLET MULLEN!. Mr. C. P. DUFF, C.B., C.V.O, Mr. S. CAIMN. Mr. G, C, FABER, ...


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