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Journal of Women's History 16.1 (2004) 148-164

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Jane Addams:
Thinking and Acting Locally and Globally

Harriet Hyman Alonso

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Jane Addams left behind instructions that her tombstone read: "Jane Addams of Hull-House and the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom" (WILPF). This simple inscription encapsulated her work of almost fifty years—a career of settlement house and social reform that segued into leadership in the global movement for world peace and women's rights. Along with the arrival of the new millennium with its complicated layers of globalization has come a renewed interest in Jane Addams. Whether this is a result of our need for role models from the past or a new interdisciplinary expansion in the study of women's history, I cannot say, but in 2002 alone, numerous avenues led to Addams. In February, Swarthmore College sponsored a symposium titled "Rediscovering Jane Addams" which included panels of historians, philosophers, sociologists, and political scientists. This was followed in November with the "Exploring Jane Addams: Twenty-ninth Annual Richard R. Baker Colloquium in Philosophy" at the University of Dayton, in Ohio, which included the same mix of disciplines along with scholars of rhetoric, communications, and performance. By the time this review appears, two new Addams biographies will have been published and two previous biographies reprinted. In addition, the University of Illinois Press has committed itself to reprinting Addams's books and collections of her papers. Add to this at least two other biographies near completion and another conference (this one at Hull-House) in the planning stages, and you get the picture of how, at long last, Addams is...


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