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J A M E S H. M A G U I R E BoiseState University ASelected Bibliography of Western American Drama In compiling the following list, I have relied most heavily upon Felix Sper’s From Native Roots: A Panorama of Our Native Drama, Ima Honaker Herron’s The Small Town in American Drama, Arthur Hobson Quinn’s A History of the American Drama from the Civil War to the Present Day, and the volumes of the Index to Full Length Plays. I also wrote to all the state librarians in the West and asked them to send me the names of Western plays and playwrights that might not be mentioned in most sources. I’m grateful for the librarians’ generous response and also for the advice of Dr. Charles Lauterbach, BSU De­ partment of Theatre Arts. Readers should note that this bibliography is by no means exhaus­ tive. It includes only published works that are listed in The National Union Catalog. The following are not included: plays in manuscript (even if they were staged); individual dramas published in the num­ erous volumes of the M.I.A. [Mutual Improvement Association] Book of Plays (Salt Lake City: General Boards, M.I.A. [of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints]); Federal Theatre scripts written for the New Deal’s WPA writers program; and the San Francisco Bohemian Club Grove Plays. I invite readers to bring to my attention other omissions. 150 Western American Literature I. WESTERN DRAMAS Acheson, Sam. We Are Besieged. In Three Southwest Plays. Ed. John Rosenfield. Dallas: Southwest Review, 1942. Adams, William Lysander. A Melodrama entitled Treason, Stratagems and Spoils in Five Acts by Breakspear. Portland, Ore.: Printed by Thomas J. Dryer, 1852. Alexander, Hartley Burr. “Kills-with-Her-Man.” In Plays of American Life and Fantasy. Ed. Edith J. R. Isaacs. N.Y.: Coward-McCann, 1929. ---------. Manitou Masks. N.Y.: Dutton, 1925. ---------. Taiwa. Los Angeles: Primavera Press, 1934. Anderson, Maxwell. Night Over Taos. N.Y.: French, 1932. Ardrey, Robert. Jeb, a play in three acts. N.Y.: Brandt & Brandt, 1945. ---------. Sing Me No Lullaby, apta. N.Y.: Dramatists Play Service, 1955. ---------. Star Spangled: a comedy in t.a. N.Y.: French, 1937. ---------. Thunder Rock. N.Y.: Dramatists, 1941. Auria, Gemma d’. Resurrection at Sundown. Los Angeles: Phoenix Press, 1941. Austin, Mary. The Arrow Maker. N.Y.: Duffield, 1911; rev. ed., Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1915. ---------. “Fire.” The Play Book (Madison, Wis.), 2 (October-December 1914), 9-25, 11-26, 18-30. Axelrod, George. Goodbye Charlie. N.Y.: French, 1959. ---------. Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? N.Y.: Random House, 1956. Baer, Warren. The Duke of Sacramento. Rpt. from the 1856 ed. San Fran­ cisco: Grabhom Press, 1934. Baird, George M.P. Mirage. Cincinnati, Ohio: Stewart Kidd, 1922. Bausman, William. Early California; a drama in five acts. San Francisco, n.p. 1872. Beede, Aaron McGaffrey. Heart in the Lodge. Bismarck, N.D.: Tribune Publ. Co., 1915. ---------. Sitting Bull —■ Custer. Bismarck, N.D.: Tribune Publ. Co., 1913. Bein, Albert. The Heavenly Express. N.Y.: French, 1940. Belasco, David. The Girl of the Golden West. N.Y.: French, 1933. ---------. The Rose of the Rancho. N.Y.: French, 1909. --------- and Franklin Fyles. The Girl I Left Behind Me. Staged in 1893. In Americas Lost Plays, vol. 18. Ed. Barrett H. Clark. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1965. Bernard, Frank H. In the Shadow of the Rockies. N.Y.: French, 1906. ---------. Man from Denver. N.Y.: French, 1913. Blethen, Joseph and Harry Girard (libretto). The Alaskan. N.Y.: M. Witmark & Sons, 1907. Bowles, Jane Auer. In the Summer House. N.Y.: Random House, 1954. Brawn, Wilbur. Out of This World. N.Y.: French, 1945. James H. Maguire 151 Brome, Robert. “Bret Harte’s An Ingenue of the Sierras.” N.Y.: Eldridge, 1964. Broughton, James. “Summer Fury.” In The Best One-Act Plays of 1945. Ed. Margaret Mayorga. N.Y.: Dodd Mead, 1946. Brownell, John Charles. The Nut Farm. N.Y.: French, 1930. Bullins, Ed. “The Electronic Nigger” and “Goin’ a Buffalo” in Five Plays. Indianapolis: Bobbs Merrill, 1969. Bums, Clair. The Novel Princess. N.Y.: French, 1934. Bynner, Witter. A Book of Plays. N.Y.: Knopf, 1922. Campbell, Bartley. How Women Love. Staged...


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