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220 Western American Literature WESTERN LITERATURE ASSOCIATION NEWSLETTER 1973 ANNUAL MEETING The eigth annual meeting of the Western Literature AssociĀ­ ation will be held in Austin, Texas, October 12 and 13, 1973. CALL FOR PAPERS Papers are invited on any subject relevant to Western literature and culture, the relevance to be traditional or inventive, as judged by the author of the paper. The length of a paper and the total number to be accepted, like the topics, are open. If a large number of good papers are received, special sessions can be arranged. There is no rigid deadline, but May is preferred and August 31 is down to the wire. Papers should be sent to Dr. Max Westbrook, President The Western Literature Association Department of English University of Texas Austin, Texas 78712 Please come. The weather forecast is 71 degrees and sunny. ...


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