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American J INDEX TO VOLUME V Articles Attebery, Louie, “The American West and the Archetypal Orphan” _______205 Babcock, C. Merton, “Mark Twain’s Chuck-Wagon Specialties” ___________ 147 Bowen, James K., “Jack London’s ‘To Build a Fire’: Epistemology and the White Wilderness” ___________________________________________ 287 Burns, Stuart L., “St. Petersburg Re-Visited: Helen Eustis and Mark Twain” _____________________________________________________ 99 Cochran, Robert W., “Nature and The Nature of Man In The Ox-Bow Incident” ________________________________ -253 Flora, Joseph M., "Vardis Fisher and Wallace Stegner: Teacher and Student” _______________________________________________ .121 Ford, Thomas W. "The American Rhythm: Mary Austin’s Poetic Principle” _______________________________________ Haslam, Gerald, “American Indians: Poets of the Cosmos” _______________ 15 Kime, Wayne R., “Washington Irving and ‘The Empire of the West’: An Unacknowledged Review” _________________________________________277 Lambert, Neil, “Owen Wister’s Lin McLean: The Failure of the Vernacular Hero” ______________________________________________ -219 Lewis, Merrill, “Lost—and Found—in the Wilderness: The Desert Metaphor in Cooper’s The Prairie” ------------------------------------------------------195 McKee, John DeWitt, “Roughing It as Retrospective Reporting” ------------- 113 Morsberger, Robert E„ “In Defense of ‘Westering’” -------------------------------143 Smith, Henry Nash, “Consciousness and Social Order: The Theme of Transcendence in the Leatherstocking Tales” ----------------------------------------177 Stein, Paul, “Cowboys and Unicorns: The Novels of Walter Van Tilburg Clark” _______________________________________________________________265 Stewart, D. H., “J. F. Powers’ Morte D’Urban as Western” _______________ 31 West, Philip J., “Steinbeck’s ‘The Leader of the People’: A Crisis in Style” ------------------------------------------------------------------------ .137 328 Western American Literature Bibliographies Bullen, John S., Annual Bibliography of Studies in Western American Literature (1970) ______________________________________________________289 Etulain, Richard W., “H. L. Davis: A BibliographicalAddendum” _______129 Kellogg, George, “Vardis Fisher: A Bibliography” _______________________ 45 Lyon, Thomas J., Research in Western American Literature(1970) _______ 301 Books Reviewed (Reviewer identified in parentheses) Branch, Edgar M. (ed.) Clemens of the ‘Call’: Mark Twain in San Francisco. (Patrick Morrow) __________________________________________ 155 Carballido, Emilio. The Norther. (John DeWitt McKee) ________________ 65 Carter, Harvey Lewis. ‘Dear Old Kit’: The Historical Christopher Carson. With a New Edition of the Carson Memoirs. (Edgeley Woodman Todd) ______________________________________________________ 71 Catlin, George. O-kee-pa: A Religious Ceremony and other Customs of the Mandans. (Mary Ellen Ackerman) ____________________________ 164 Conquest, Ned. The Gun and the Glory of Granite Hendley. (Carlos Baker) _______________________________________________________________307 Curtin, William M. (selected and edited). The World and the Parish: Willa Cather’s Articles and Reviews, 1893-1902. (Maynard Fox) _______311 Dickey, R. P. Running Lucky. (L. L. Lee) ---------------------------------------------- 79 Easton, Robert. The Big “Westerner". (Richard W. Etulain) ___________ 75 Evans, Max. Shadow of Thunder. (Martin Bucco) _____________________ 235 Fife, Austin and Alta (ed.). Ballads of the Great West. (Louie W. Attebery) _____________________________________________________________236 Galindo, Sergio. The Precipice. (John DeWitt McKee) -------------------------- 65 Garro, Elena. Recollections of Things to Come. (John DeWitt McKee) __ 65 Giles, Janice Holt. Six-Horse Hitch. (Robert A. Roripaugh) -------------------159 Graustein, Jeanette E. Thomas Nuttall, Naturalist. Exporations in America 1808-1841. (Paul Bryant) _____________________________________________ 73 Hart, James D. (ed.). A Novelist in the Making: A Collection of Student Themes, and the Novels BLIX and VANDOVER AND THE BRUTE. (Max Westbrook) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------310 Hemingway, Ernest. Islands in the Stream. (Max Westbrook) ------------------234 Hirshson, Stanley P. The Lion of the Lord: A Biography of Brigham Young. (Karl Young) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------156 Horgan, Paul. Whitewater. (Max Westbrook) ___________________________ 306 Index 329 Hunt, Curtis. The Storyteller “Cousin Wash” Series, Volume I and, II. (Gerald Haslam) ______________________________________________________ 77 Márquez, Gabriel Garcia. One Hundred Years of Solitude. (George R. McMurray) ___________________________________________________________308 Marshall, Robert (ed.). Alaska Wilderness. (John Boni) _________________ 315 Michaelson, L. W. Songs of my Divided Self. (L. L. Lee) ________________ 79 Momaday, N. Scott. House Made of Dawn. (John Z.Bennett) ____________ 69 Owens, William A. Three Friends: Bedichek, Dobie, Webb. (George D. Hendricks) ________________________________________________________ 70 Portis, Charles. True Grit. (Donald A. Hoglin) ________________________158 Reinhardt, Richard (ed.). Workin’ on the Railroad: Reminiscences from the Age of Steam. (G. Franklin Ackerman) ___________________________238 Roberts, David. Deborah: A Wilderness Narrative.(John Boni) ________ 315 Russell, Bert. Calked Boots and Other Northwest Writings. (Barbara Meldrum) ___________________________________________________________ 317 Smith, George Alan and Carol D. (ed.). The Armchair Mountaineer. (John Boni) _________________________________________________________ 162 Sonnischen, C. L. Pass of the North: Four Centuries on the Rio Grande. (John DeWitt McKee) _______________________________________________ 239 Taylor, J. Golden (ed.). The Literature of the American West. (Gerald Haslam) _____________________________________________________________313...


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