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Research in Western American Literature Editor: Thomas J. Lyon, Utah State University I. Completed Theses and Dissertations Alter, Judith “The Western Myth in American Painting and Fiction of the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries” (Ph.D.) Texas Christian University, 1970 Arpad, Joseph “David Crockett, an Original Legendary Eccentricity and Early American Character” (Ph.D.) Duke University, 1969 Ashliman, Dee L. “The American West in Nineteenth-Century German Literature” (Ph.D.) Rutgers University, 1969 Astro, Richard “Into the Cornucopia: Steinbeck’s Vision of Nature and the Ideal Man” (Ph.D.) University of Washington, 1969 Barschi, Jack "The Sexual Imagery in Robinson Jeffers’ Narrative Poetry” (Ph.D.) New York University, 1969 Bauer, Judith A. "Nature, Human Nature, and the Machine: A Study of Selected Writ­ ings of Joseph Wood Krutch” (M.A.) Bowling Green State University, 1969 Bidle, Kenneth Eugene “Impressionism in American Literature to the year 1900” (Ph.D.) Northern Illinois University, 1969 Black, Sharon “A Historical Approach to the Poetry of Eliza R.Snow” (M.A.) Brigham Young Universtiy, 1970 Black, Walter E. “A Study on the Theme of Pain in John G. Neihardt’s Song of Three Friends and Song of Hugh Glass” (M.A.) University of Denver, 1969 Bleeker, Gary Wallace “Setting and Animal Tropes in the Fiction of John Steinbeck" (Ph.D.) University of Nebraska, 1969 Butler, Michael “The Literary Landscope of the Trans-Mississippi West: 1826-1902” (Ph.D.) University of Illinois, 1970 Coburn, Mark David “The Progress of Twain’s Pilgrims” (Ph.D.) Stanford University, 1969 Dickerson, Lynn Calgar “The Dispossessed Character: Elements of Irony and Compassion in American Literary Naturalism at the Turn of the Century” (Ph.D.) Emory University, 1969 302 Western American Literature Graham, Joe Stanley “The Dream Mine: A Study in Mormon Folklore” (M.A.) Brigham Young University, 1970 Herrscher, Walter John “Some Ideas in Modern American Nature Writing” (Ph.D.) University of Wisconsin, 1969 Hines, Donald M. “The Frontier in . . . Traditional . . . Humor . . . from . . . Old-Time Newspapers . . . of the Pacific Northwest” (Ph.D.) Indania University, 1969 Infanger, Harold “The Crippling Thralldom of Nostalgia in Two Nebraska Novels by Wright Morris” (M.A.) Chadron State College, Chadron, Nebraska, 1969 Irving, Donald Charles “James Fenimore Cooper’s Alternatives to the Leatherstocking Hero in the Frontier Romances” (Ph.D.) Indiana University, 1969 Jody, Marilyn “Alaska in the American Literary Imagination: A Literary History of Frontier Alaska with a Bibliographical Guide to the Study of Alaskan Literature” (Ph.D.) Indiana University, 1969 McAllister, Frances E. “The Lakota Sioux: Their Ceremonies and Recreation” (Ph.D.) St. Louis University, 1969 McCook, Kendall Clay "Jack Kerouac — A Social Reaction” (M.A.) University of Wyoming, 1969 Morgan, Steven “The Will-o-the-Wisp of the Plains in Wright Morris’ Works” (M.A.) University of Nebraska, Omaha, 1968 Pilkington, William T. “My Blood’s Country: Studies in Southwestern Literature” (Ph.D.) Texas Christian University, 1969 Shames, Priscilla “The Long Hope: A Study of American Indian Stereotypes in Ameri­ can Popular Fiction, 1890-1950” (Ph.D.) University of California, Los Angeles, 1969 Smith, Norman D. "A Study of Social Protest in the Early Writings of Hamlin Garland” (M.A.) University of Wyoming, 1969 Sollers, W. F. “Howe, Kirkland and Garland: Beyond Regionalism” (M.A.) University of Idaho, 1970 Throne, Marilyn "The Two Selves: Duality in Willa Cather’s Protagonist and Themes” (Ph.D.) Ohio State University, 1969 Research in Western American Literature 303 Wood, Lloyd J. “The Robin Hood Motif: The Outlaw as Literary Hero” (M.A.) University of Hawaii, 1970 Woolsey, Barbara E. “Joseph Henry Jackson: Bookman by the Bay” (M.A.) Sonoma State College, 1970 II. Works in Progress Barnes, Gregory A. “Joseph Kirkland: The Progressive Novelist” (M.A.) University of Wisconsin Burckholder, Clyde “Frederick Manfred as a Regional Novelist” (Ph.D.) University of Nebraska Coon, Gilbert “A Study of A.B. Guthrie Jr. and his Trilogy” (Ph.D.) Washington State University Cooper, Guy “The Fiction of Paul Horgan” (Ph.D.) University of Arkansas Courts, Patrick L. “Traditional Romance in Cooper’s Leatherstocking Tales” (Ph.D.) Michigan State University Cracroft, Richard “The American West of Washington Irving: The Quest of a National Tradition” (Ph.D.) University of Wisconsin Cross, Donald "The Picturesque Image of the Trans-Mississippi West...


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