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Research in Western American Literature Editor: Thomas J. Lyon, Utah State University I. Completed Theses and Dissertations Clare, Warren Lee “Big Jim Stevens: A Study in Pacific Northwest Literature” (Ph. D.) Washington State University, 1967 Cohen, Paul Emanuel “ ‘The Boy Zola’ at Harvard: A Study of Frank Norris’s Development” (M. A.) University of Maine, 1968 Danielson, Jeannette C. “A ‘Sense of a Sense of Place’ in the Works of Willa Cather” (Ph. D.) Bowling Green State University, 1968 Day, George Frederick “The Uses of History in the Novels of Vardis Fisher” (Ph. D.) University of Colorado, 1968 Dodge, Robert Kendall “The Influences of Machines and Technology on American Literature of the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries” (Ph.D.) University of Texas, 1967 Eaton, David John “An Evaluation of Robinson Jeffers as a Lyric Poet” (M. A.) University of Maine, 1967 Evans, James Leroy “The Indian Savage, the Mexican Bandit, the Chinese Heathen— Three Popular Stereotypes” (Ph. D.) University of Texas, 1967 Golemba, Henry L. “Steinbeck’s Ecological Universe” (M. A.) Wayne State University, 1967 Harmon, Philip M. “John Muir: Wilderness Evangelist” (M. A.) Brigham Young University, 1968 Hoag, Betty Lochrie “Jules Lavernier, Monterey’s ‘Knight of the Palette’” (M. A.) University of Southern California, 1967 Hunsaker, Kenneth B. 338 Western American Literature “The Twentieth Century Mormon Novel” (Ph. D.) Pennsylvania State University, 1968 Kennedy, Lawrence M. “Local Opinion About the Indian Problem in Colorado, 1860-90” (M. A.) Denver University, 1968 Kennedy, Sister Patricia “The Pioneer Woman in Middle Western Fiction” (Ph. D.) University of Illinois, 1968 Kime, Wayne R. “Washington Irving’s Astoria: A Critical Study” (Ph.D.) University of Delaware, 1968 Kissane, Leedice McAnelly “Ruth Suckow: Interpreter of the Mind of Mid-America (1900-1933) ” (Ph.D.) University of Minnesota, 1967 Lamp, Parmelia M. “An Examination of Selected Novels of Frank Norris in Terms of Turner’s Frontier Thesis” (M. A.) Bowling Green State University, 1968 Lee, Patricia Fae “The Ideal Life in Six Willa Cather Novels” (M. A.) Brigham Young University, 1967 Lewis, Merrill E. “American Frontier History As Literature: Studies in Historiography of George Bancroft, Frederick Jackson Turner, and Theodore Roosevelt” (Ph.D.) University of Utah, 1968 Lowe, Margaret Ann “Isolation in the Works of Carson McCullers and Stephen Crane” (M. A.) Brigham Young University, 1968 Marovitz, Sanford Earl “Frontier Conflicts: Villains, Outlaws, and Indians in Selected Western Fiction: 1790-1860” (Ph.D.) Duke University, 1968 Maughan, Carolyn “Responses to Nature in Selected Western Novels” (M. A.) Utah State University, 1968 McClintock, James Irvin “Jack London’s Short Stories” (Ph. D.) Michigan State University, 1968 Miller, Elaine K. “Mexican Folk Narrative From the Los Angeles Area” (Ph.D.) University of California, Los Angeles, 1967 Paige, Harry Worthington “The Songs of the Teton Sioux” (Ph.D .) The State University of New York at Albany, 1967 Pavich, Paul N. “Joseph Wood Krutch: Western Nature Essayist” (M. A.) Colorado State University, 1968 Bibliography 339 Pruessing, Peter Skiles “Manifest Destiny and ‘The Literary Fallacy’: The Paradox of Bernard DeVoto’s Treatment of Westward Expansion” (M. S.) Iowa State University, 1968 Pruett, Jacque “Manfred’s Lord Grizzly: A Critical Analysis" (M. A.) Colorado State University, 1968 Ruark, Ardis Lehfeldt “A Study of Certain Works of the Depression Era and Their Contribution to South Dakota Literature” (M. A.) University of South Dakota, 1968 Schneider, Lucy “Willa Cather’s ‘Land-Philosophy’ in Her Novels and Short Stories” (Ph.D.) University of Notre Dame, 1967 Skelley, Grant Teasdale “The Overland Monthly under Millicent Washburn Shinn, 1883-1894: A Study of Regional Publishing” (Ph. D.) University of California, Berkeley, 1968 Smith, Merilynne Rich “A Mirror Brought by Truth: A Study and Comparison of the Folklore of the Wandering Jew and the Folklore of the Three Nephites” (M. A.) Brigham Young University, 1968 Stanko, Stan “Image, Theme and Pattern in the Works of Martha Ostenso” (M. A.) University of Alberta, 1968 Stott, Nolan G. “Authorial Presence in the Three Novels of Walter Van Tilburg Clark” (M. A.) Brigham Young University, 1967 Thomas, Alfred Krupp “The Epic of Evolution, Its Etiology and Art: A Study of Vardis Fisher’s Testament of Man" (Ph. D.) Pennsylvania State University, 1967 White, G. Edward “The Eastern Establishment and...


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