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Annual Bibliography of Studies in Western American Literature Editor: John S. Bullen, Sonoma State College Staff: Patrick Allen, Bloomington, Indiana; Jan Harold Brunvand, University of Utah; Alan Crooks, Boise College; Richard W. Etulain, Eastern Nazarene College; Thomas J. Lyon, Utah State University; Patrick Morrow, University of Washington; Ben M. Vorpahl, University of California, Los Angeles Anyone interested in joining the bibliographical staff is invited to write to John S. Bullen, English Department, Sonoma State College, Rohnert Park, California, 94928. Authors of books and articles are invited to call our attention to items for inclusion in the bibliography. General. Arrington, Leonard J. and Jon Haupt. “Intolerable Zion: The Image o£ Mormonism in Nineteenth Century American Literature.” Western Humanities Review, XXII (Summer 1968), 243-260. [Includes “A List of ‘Mormon’ Novels and Tales of Adventure Published in the Nineteenth Century.”] Ashliman, D. L. “The American West in Twentieth-Century Germany.” Journal of Popular Culture, II (Summer 1968), 81-92. ____________ “The Novel of Western Adventure in Nineteenth-Century Germany.” Western American Literature, III (Summer 1968), 133-145. Bullen, John S., ed. “Annual Bibliography of Studies in Western American Literature.” Western American Literature, II (Winter 1968), 315-325. Davis, Ronald L. “Culture on the Frontier.” Southwest Review, LIII (Autumn 1968), 383-403. Dillingham, William B, “Days of the Tall Tale.” The Southern Review, IV (Spring 1968), 569-577. Fiedler, Leslie. The Return of the Vanishing American. New York: Stein and Day, 1968. Folsom, James K. " ‘Western’ Themes and Western Films.” Western American Literature, II (Fall 1967), 195-203. Friend, Llerena. “Posses All Over the Place: Publications of the Western­ ers.” The Library Chronicle' of the University of Texas, Spring, 1968, pp. 58-65. 328 Western American Literature Gohdes, Clarence, ed. Essays on American Literature In Honor of Jay B. Hubbell. Durham: Duke University Press, 1967. Greene, Donald. “Western Canadian Literature.” Western American Litera­ ture, II (Winter 1968), 257-280. Hamilton, W. B. “The Transmission of English Law to the Frontier of America.” The South Atlantic Quarterly, LXVII (Spring 1968), 243-264. Henderson, Robert A. “Culture in Spokane: 1883-1900.” Idaho Yesterdays, XI (Winter 1968), 14-19, 32. Hill, Gertrude. “The Southwest in Verse: A Selective Bibliography of Arizona and New Mexico Poetry.” Arizona Quarterly, XXIII (Winter 1967), 306-312. Kauffman, Bernice, ed. Nebraska Centennial Literary Map and Guide to Nebraska Authors. Nebraska Centennial Commission, 1967. Lambert, Neal. “Saints, Sinners and Scribes: A Look at the Mormons in Fiction.” Utah Historical Quarterly, XXXVI (Winter 1968), 63-76. Lavender, David. “The Petrified West and the Writer.” The American Scholar, XXXVII (Spring 1968), 293-306. Levine, Stuart. “Our Indian Minority.” Colorado Quarterly, XVI (Winter 1968), 297-320. Lyon, Thomas J„ ed. “Research in Western American Literature.” Western American Literature, II (Winter 1968), 326-328. Martin, Jay. Harvests of Change: American Literature, 1865-1914. Engle­ wood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice Hall, 1967. McMurtry, Larry. “Take My Saddle from the Wall.” Harper’s, CCXXXVII (September 1968), 37-46. Milton, John R. “Literary or Not.” South Dakota Review, VI (Spring 1968), 2, 85-88. Noble, David. The Eternal Adam and the New World Garden: The Central Myth in the American Novel Since 1830. New York: George Brazilier, 1968. “A Small Symposium on Defunct Magazines.” South Dakota Review, VI (Autumn 1968) , 346. [Includes comment on The Laughing Horse, Rocky Mountain Review, and Western Review.] Sonnichsen, C. L. "Fiction and History.” Mountain-Plains Library Quarterly, XIII (Summer 1968), 3-9. Steeves, Harrison R. “The First of the Westerns.” Southwest Review, LIII (Winter 1968), 74-84. [Discusses the writings of Friedrich Gerstacker, a German who visited the West in the 1830's and 40’s.] Stoughton, Gertrude. The Books of California. Menlo Park, Calif.: The Ward Ritchie Press, 1968. T[aylor], J. G[olden]. “The Editor’s Essay Review.” Western American Literature, III (Spring 1968), 85-90; (Summer 1968), 179-189; (Fall 1968), 262-266; (Winter 1969), 319-325. Taylor, Samuel W. “Peculiar People, Positive Thinkers, and the Prospect of Mormon Literature.” Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, II (Summer 1967), 17-31. Walker, Don D. “The Rise and Fall of Barney Tullus.” Western American Literature, III (Summer 1968), 93-102. Bibliography 329 Waters, Frank. “Words.” Western American Literature, III (Fall 1968...


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