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  • Introduction
  • Michel R. Doortmont, The Editors of History in Africa, John H. Hanson, The Editors of History in Africa, Jan Jansen, The Editors of History in Africa, and Dmitri van den Bersselaar, The Editors of History in Africa

In view of this year's 40th anniversary of History in Africa, which coincides with the start of our cooperation with Cambridge University Press, the editors decided that it would be fitting to celebrate the event.

We asked a number of colleagues to write a short essay about an article from History in Africa that has special appeal to him or her, is a personal classic so to speak, either because they used it with good effect for a publication or in class, or because they regarded it as a classic in its own right. The response to our request was enthusiastic and generous and hence we can now present a set of nine essays celebrating forty years of History in Africa.

The essays and original articles are published in a special digital 40th Anniversary Issue on the new History in Africa webpage, hosted by Cambridge University Press. This 40th Anniversary issue is published parallel to the regular annual issue of History in Africa.

The journal was started in 1973 by David Henige, to provide a forum for contributions on source criticism, the nature of history, historical thought, historiographical surveys, archival and bibliographic reports, methodological review essays, and comparative research in African history. The editors know that over the years many historians developed a special relationship with the journal and its approach to African history. It was a pleasure to read why and how the journal is appreciated, and each contribution gives us energy to continue our work for the journal with renewed dedication. We thank all the contributors for accepting our invitation and for writing a contribution that shows their personal commitment to the journal, as well as the value of the journal for historical research on Africa and beyond. [End Page s1]



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