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social research An International Quarterly Voi 78 : No 4 :Winter 2011 Volume 78 Table of Contents Index of Contributors social research Voi 78 : No 4 : W inter 2011 1275 Contents VoI 78 : Nos 1-4 VoI 78 : No 1 India’s World v Endangered Scholars Worldwide XV ARJUN APPADURAI Guest Editor’s Introduction x ix ARIEN MACK Editor’s Introduction 1 AJIT BALAKRISHNAN India’s IT Industry: The End of the Beginning 21 SHELDON POLLOCK Crisis in the Classics 49 WENDY DONIGER From Kama to Karma: The Resurgence of Puritanism in Contemporaiy India 75 MUKULIKA BANERJEE Elections as Communitas 99 GOPAL GURU Liberal Democracy in India and the Dalit Critique 123 LAWRENCE COHEN Accusations of Illiteracy and the Medicine of the Organ 143 RANJANI MAZUMDAR Terrorism, Conspiracy, and Surveillance in Bombay’s Urban Cinema 173 SUVIR KAUL “An’ You Will Fight, Till the Death of It. . . .”: Past and Present in the Challenge of Kashmir 203 RAJESWARI SUNDER RAJAN After Midnight’s Children: Some Notes on the New Indian Novel in English 1276 social research 231 BORIA MAJUMDAR Commonwealth Games 2010: The Index of a “New” India? 255 SABYASACHI BHATTACHARYA Indian Science Today: An Indigenously Crafted Crisis NOTES ON CONTRIBUTORS Inside Back Cover VoI 78 : No 2 The Body and the State: How the State Controls and Protects the Body, Part I v Endangered Scholars Worldwide xvii ARIEN MACK Editor’s Introduction Part I: Keynote Address 281 DIDIER FASSIN The Trace: Violence, Truth, and the Politics of the Body Part II: Conceptions of the “Normal” Body 301 DWAIPAYAN BANERJEE Introduction: Conceptions of the “Normal” Body 307 WINNIFRED FALLERS SULLIVAN Joan’s Two Bodies: A Study in Political Anthropology 325 JOHN R. BOWEN How the French State Justifies Controlling Muslim Bodies: From Harm-Based to Values-Based Reasoning 349 ELOF AXEL CARLSON The Body as a Biological and Genetic Entity 359 JOAO BIEHL AND ADRIANA PETRYNA Bodies of Rights and Therapeutic Markets 387 SUSIE ORBACH Losing Bodies 395 SUMITA S. CHAKRAVARTY Reflections on the Body Beautiful in Indian Popular Culture Index, Volume 78 1277 4 1 7 SUSAN SCHWEIK Disability and the Normal Body of the (Native) Citizen 4 4 3 BERNARD E. HARCOURT Making W illing Bodies: The University of Chicago Human Experiments at Stateville Penitentiary Part III: The Sexual Body 481 WILLIAM HIRST Introduction: The Sexual Body 485 WENDY DONIGER God’s Body, or, The Lingam Made Flesh: Conflicts over the Representation of the Sexual Body of the Hindu God Shiva 509 SHARON MARCUS The State’s Oversight: From Sexual Bodies to Erotic Selves 533 AFSANEH NAJMABADI Verdicts of Science, Rulings of Faith: Transgender/Sexuality in Contemporary Iran 5 5 7 PAISLEY CURRAH AND TARA M ULQUEEN Securitizing Gender: Identity, Biometrics, and Transgender Bodies at the Airport 583 CHARLES w. MILLS Body Politic, Bodies Impolitic 607 ANUPAMA RAO Violence and Humanity: Or, Vulnerability as Political Subjectivity 633 EDWARD STEIN Sexual Orientations, Rights, and the Body: Immutability, Essentialism, and Nativism 659 MICHAEL G. PELETZ Gender Pluralism: Muslim Southeast Asia since Early Modern Times NOTES ON CONTRIBUTORS Inside Back Cover 1278 social research VoI 78 : No 3 The Body and the State: How the State Controls and Protects the Body, Part II v Endangered Scholars Worldwide xvii ARIEN MACK Editor’s Introduction Part I: Who Has Rights to the Body? 687 ANN SNITOW Introduction 693 RAYNA RAPP Reproductive Entanglements: Body, State, and Culture in the Dys/Regulation of Child-bearing 719 STEPHANIE WOOLHANDLER AND DAVID HIMMELSTEIN Healthcare Reform 2.0 731 JOSEPH J. FINS AND ALEXANDRA SUPPES Brain Injury and the Culture of Neglect: Musings on an Uncertain Future 747 PAUL W. KAHN Torture and the Dream of Reason 767 DAVID GARLAND The Problem of the Body in Modern State Punishment 799 THOMAS W. LAQUE UR The Deep Time of the Dead Part II: Buying and Selling the Body 823 KATAYOUN CHAMANY Introduction 829 MICHELE GOODWIN Relational Markets and Justice Paradoxes Index, Volume 78 1279 849 NANCY SCHEPER-HUGHES The Body of the Terrorist: Blood Libels, Bio-Piracy, and the Spoils of War at the Israeli Forensic Institute 887 RENATA SALECL Perversion and Forensic Science: Fraudulent Testiomonies 907 PILAR N. OSSORIO Bodies of Data: Genomic Data and Bioscience Data Sharing 933 CAROLE...


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