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Notes on Contributors n a s s e r a b u f a r h a recently completed his doctorate in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is currently preparing a booklength work on suicideterrorism and self-sacrifice in Palestine for publication in the Cultures and Practices ofViolence series with Duke University Press. f a r h a n a a l i, a PolicyAnalyst at the RAND Corporation, studies patterns of global terrorism, focusing on ideological drivers and motivations ofvarious terror­ ist and extremist groups. She advises the United States and other governments on Islam and the root causes of suicide. Ali is a graduate of the George Washington University, where she studied with Jerrold Post. m ia b l o o m is an assistant professor in the School of International and Public Affairs at the University of Georgia in Athens and the author ofDyingtoKiU: TheMure ofSuicideTerror(2005, 2007) and LivingTogetherAfterEthnicKilling(with Licklider, 2007). Bloom is a term member ofthe Council on Foreign Relations. She regularly appears on CNN, Fox News, CSPAN, NBC Nightly News, and MTV. g a y l . g u l l ic k s o n is a Professor of Histoiy at the University of Maryland, College Park. She is the author ofSpinners and WeaversofAuffay (1986) and Unruly WomenofParis (1996). She is currently working on a booklength study ofthe British Suffragettes. She holds graduate degrees in history and religion. Ge o f f r e y g a it h a r p h a m is Director ofthe National Humanities Center at Research Triangle Park, N.C. He has published, in addition to 70 articles and essays, 8 books, the most recent ofwhich are ShadowsofEthics: Criticism and theJust Society, LanguageAlone: TheCriticalFetishof Modernity, and TheCharacterofCriticism. jo h n h o r g a n is Director ofthe International Center for the Study ofTerrorism at Pennsylvania State University. An applied psychologist by training, he is author ofover 40 publica­ tions on terrorism and political violence. His books include ThePsychologyof Terrorism, TheFuture ofTerrorism, and the forthcoming WalkingAwayfrom Terrorism. m a r k ju e r g e n s m e y e r is professor of sociology and global studies and direc­ tor of the Orfalea Center for Global and International Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. His recent books include Terrorin theMind ofGod, GlobalRebellion,Religionin GlobalCivilSociety, and AHandbookofGlobalReligion. g e o r g e k a t e b is William Nelson Cromwell Professor Emeritus ofPolitics at Princeton University. His books include Patriotism and OtherMistakes (2006) and The InnerOcean:Individualism andDemocratic Culture, winner ofthe 1994 Spitz Book Prize by the Conference for the Study of Political Thought. h y o jo u n g k im is an Assistant Professor of Sociology andAssociate Director of the Center for Korean American and Korean Studies, California State University, Los Angeles. His research interests include social movements and collective action, political sociology, and race and ethnicity. He is co-winner ofthe First Place Winner ofthe 2004 Best Article Competition Award by the Collective Behavior and Social Movement Section ofAmerican Sociological Association. a n n a i. p e t b r s o n is Professor in the Department ofReligion at the University ofFlorida. Her publications include the books Martyrdom and thePoliticsofReligion: ProgressiveCatholicisminElSalvador's Civil War, BeingHuman:Ethics, Environment, and OurPlace in theWorld; and Residence onEarth: UtopianCommunitiesin the Americas, and two collaborative volumes: Christianity, Globalization, and SocialChange in theAmericas and ReligionsofLatinAmerica: HistoriesandDocumentsinContext. b r a n d t g . p e t e r s o n is Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology at Michigan State University. He writes and teaches on political violence, the state, race, and nationalism in Latin America. He is currently writing a book about national­ ism and identity politics in El Salvador. je r r o l d m . p o s t is Professor of Psychiatiy, Political Psychology, and International Affairs and Director of the Political Psychology Program at the George Washington University. His publi­ cations include ThePsychologicalEvaluation ofPoliticalLeaders (2003) and Leaders and TheirFollowersin a DangerousWorld: The PsychologyofPoliticalBehavior(2004). LACEY BALDWIN SMITH, Professor Emeritus of Histoiy and Peter B. Ritzma Professor...


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