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Charles Tilly, 1929-2008 CHARLES TILLY, OUR ESTEEM ED COLLEAGUE AND LONGTIME M EM BER of the editorial board of Social Research, died on Tuesday, April 29, 2008. Chuck joined the Graduate Faculty of the New School in 1984 as Distinguished Professor of Sociology and History, and in 1990 became University Distinguished Professor, a position he held until moving to Columbia University in 1996. In 1990 Chuck also became a member of our editorial board, and he remained one of our most creative, active, and reliable members until his death. When it was time to think about future issues, Chuck overflowed with ideas, a good many of which became themes of our issues. He was an almost inexhaustible source of the names of possible authors, no matter what the subject might be. All I had to do was to write him an e-mail asking whom he thought might be able to write on a given topic for a forthcoming issue, and often in less than a nanosecond he would reply with a list of names, complete with contact information and notes as to what each person should be invited to write about. He was an editor’s dream. And if I needed more evidence ofjust how much of a blessing he was, all I had to do was to send him an article that had been submitted for publication in the journal. Unlike most reviewers, his reviews came quickly. It was never necessaiy to remind him that we were waiting to hear from him about a manuscript, and it would be difficult to count all the authors over the years who benefitted from his long, careful, and thoughtful critiques. Remembering Charles Tilly v I know that Chuck will be sorely missed by his students, colleagues, and readers, and by me as well. He is irreplaceable. ArienMack, Editor CHARLES TILLY IN SOCIAL RESEARCH “Models and Realities of Popular Collective Action.” Volume 52, Number 4 (Winter 1985), pp. 717-747. “European Violence and Collective Action since 1700.” Volume 53, Number 1 (Spring 1986), pp. 159-184. “Since Gilgamesh.” Volume 53, Number 3 (Fall 1986), pp. 391-410. “State and Counterrevolution in France.” Volume 56, Number 1 (Spring 1989), pp. 71-97. “Futures of European States.” Volume 59, Number 4 (Winter 1992), pp. 705-703. “The Time of States.” Volume 61, Number 2 (Summer 1994), pp. 269-295. “Contentious Conversation.” Volume 65, Number 3 (Fall 1998), pp. 491-510. “Editor’s Introduction: Violence Viewed and Reviewed.” Volume 67, No. 3 (Fall 2000), pp. xxx-vii. “Political Identities in Changing Politics.” Volume 70, Number 2 (Summer 2003), pp. 605-620. vi social research ...


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