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Notes on Contributors katie d a v is is adoctoral student andresearchassistant atthe Harvard Graduate School ofEducation. Her researchfocuses on adolescents’psycho­ social development. Ho w a r d Ga r d n e r is Hobbs Professorof Cognition andEducationat the Harvard GraduateSchool ofEducation. The authorofmanybooks in psychology andeducation, he has codirected the GoodWorkproject since 1995. g ary g ir o u x is SheltonProfessorof AccountingatTexasA&MUniversity. The authoroffive books, includingEarnings Magic and the Unbalance Sheet (2006), he has also published over 50 articles in suchjoumals asAccounting Review and the Journal ofAccounting and Public Policy. An d r e w g u m be l , an award-winning Britishjournalistandwriterbased in the United States, is the authorofSteal This Vote: Dirty Elections and the Rotten History ofDemocracy in America (2005). Hehas workedas aforeign correspondentfor Reuters, the Guardian, and Independent, andwrites foravarietyofUSandforeign publications. ROBERT l. park is ProfessorofPhysics andformer department chairatthe UniversityofMaryland. He posts a weeklyInternetcolumn on issues of science and scott se id e r is anassistant professor at BostonUniversity, where his research focuses on the development ofsocial responsibilityin adolescents. Malco lm k . spa r r o w teaches atHarvard's KennedySchool of Government. He chairs the school's M PP programaswell as several Executive Educationprograms onregulatoryand risk-reductionchallenges. Hisbooks includeLicense to Steal: How Fraud Bleeds America's Health Care System (2007). s h a r o n t e n n y so n isAssociate Professor inthe Department ofPolicyAnalysis andManagement at CornellUniversity. She is anoted expert on economic and policyissues relatedto insurance andhas published extensively on topics related to insurance regulation andinsurance fraud. b e n n o torg ler, Associate Professor ofEconomics and Finance at the QueenslandUniversityofTechnology in brisbane, Australia, is aneditorof thejournal EconomicAnalysis &Policy. His workhas been published injournals on economics, political science, social psychology, sociology, andbiology. Al ex a n d e r w e l s h , EmilySanford ProfessorEmeritus ofEnglishatYale University, is the author ofHamlet in His Modem Guises (2001). Hislatest book, What Is Honor? invites philosophers and others—not to mention politicians—to take this question seriously. y a ir za k o v it c h is the FatherTakeji Otsuki ProfessorofBible at the Hebrew UniversityofJerusalem, in Israel. ...


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