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social research An International Quarterly of the Social Sciences Vol 75 : No 4 :Winter 2008 Volume 75 Table of Contents Index of Contributors social research Vol 75 : No 4 : Winter 2008 1271 Contents Vol 75 : Nos 1-4 Vol 75 : No 1 Collective Memory and Collective Identity v Endangered Scholars Worldwide Xi ARIEN MACK AND WILLIAM HIRST Editors’ Introduction Part I What Does It Mean for a Community to Have a Memory? 1 JEFFREY K. OLICK The Ciphered Transits of Collective Memoiy: Neo-Freudian Impressions 23 JOHN SUTTON Between Individual and Collective Memory: Coordination, Interaction, Distribution 49 ALEIDA ASSMANN Transformations between History and Memoiy Part II What Are the Means through which the Community Shapes Its Memory? 75 BARRY SCHWARTZ Collective Memory and Abortive Commemoration: Presidents’ Day and the American Holiday Calendar 111 ALAN TRACHTENBERG Through a Glass, Darkly: Photography and Cultural Memoiy 133 JAMES V. WERTSCH Collective Memoiy and Narrative Templates 157 DAVID SUTTON A Tale of Easter Ovens: Food and Collective Memoiy 1272 social research Part III How Are Collective Memories Formed? 183 WILLIAM HIRST AND GERALD ECHTERHOFF Creating Shared Memories in Conversation: Toward a Psychology of Collective Memoiy 217 CLAUS LEGGEWIE A Tour of the Battleground: The Seven Circles of Pan-European Memory Part IV How Does a Collective Memory Bear on Collective Identity? 237 W. JAMES BOOTH The Work of Memoiy: Time, Identity, and Justice 263 ROSS POOLE Memory, Responsibility and Identity 287 HARALD WELZER Collateral Damage of Histoiy Education: National Socialism and the Holocaust in German Family Memory 315 YAEL ZERUBAVEL Memory, the Rebirth of the Native, and the “Hebrew Bedouin” Identity Vol 75 : No 2 Martyrdom, Self-Sacrifice, and Self-Denial v Charles Tilly, 1929-2008 vii Endangered Scholars Worldwide Xi ARIEN MACK Editor’s Introduction 353 GEORGE KATEB Morality and Self-Sacrifice, Martyrdom and Self-Denial 395 NEIL L. WHITEHEAD AND NASSER ABUFARHA Suicide, Violence, and Cultural Conceptions of Martyrdom in Palestine Index, Volume 74 1273 417 m a rk JUERGENSMEYER Martyrdom and Sacrifice in a Time of Terror 435 LACEY BALDWIN SMITH Can Martyrdom Survive Secularization? 461 GAY L. GULLICKSON Emily Wilding Davison: Secular Martyr? 485 GEOFFREY GALT HARPHAM Trading Pain for Knowledge, or, How the West Was Won 511 ANNA L. PETERSON AND BRANDT G. PETERSON Martyrdom, Sacrifice, and Political Memory in El Salvador 543 HYOJOUNG KIM Micromobilization and Suicide Protest in South Korea, 19702004 579 MIA BLOOM AND JOHN HORGAN Missing Their Mark: The IRA’s Proxy Bomb Campaign 615 FARHANA ALI AND JERROLD POST The History and Evolution of Martyrdom in the Service of Defensive Jihad: An Analysis of Suicide Bombers in Current Conflicts Vol 75 : No 3 Disasters: Recipes and Remedies v Endangered Scholars Worldwide ix ARIEN MACK Editor’s Introduction Part I Definitions: What We Talk about When We Talk about Disasters 655 JONATHAN VEITCH Introduction: What We Talk about W hen We Talk about Disasters 659 MICHAEL OPPENHEIMER A Physical Science Perspective on Disaster: Through the Prism of Global Warming 1274 social research 669 LEE CLARKE Possibilistic Thinking: A New Conceptual Tool for Thinking about Extreme Events 691 JOHN C. MUTTER Preconditions of Disaster: Premonitions of Tragedy Part II Acquiring Vulnerabilities that Potentiate Disasters 727 RONALD KASSIMIR Introduction: The Potential for Catastrophe 733 CHARLES PERROW Disasters Evermore? Reducing our Vulnerabilities to Natural, Industrial, and Terrorist Disasters 753 ROBERT D. BULLARD Differential Vulnerabilities: Environmental and Economic Inequality and Government Response to Unnatural Disasters 785 IRWIN REDLENER Population Vulnerabilities, Preconditions, and the Consequences of Disasters 793 JOSEPH w. WESTPHAL The Politics of Infrastructure Part III Keynote Address 807 NICHOLAS SCOPPETTA Disaster Planning and Preparedness: A Human Stoiy Part IV What “Really” Happens When Disasters Happen: Preparations and Responses 817 JOEL TOWERS Introduction: What “Really” Happens W hen Disasters Happen: Preparations and Responses 819 ERWANN o. MICHEL-KERJAN Toward a New Risk Architecture: The Question of Catastrophe Risk Calculus 855 ELLIOT ARONSON Fear, Denial, and Sensible Action in the Face of Disaster 873 ENRICO L. QUARANTELLI Conventional Beliefs and Counterintuitive Realities Index, Volume 74 1275 905 HOWARD KUNREUTHER Reducing Losses from Catastrophic Risks through Long-Term Insurance and Mitigation Part V The Impact of Disasters on Human Development 933 LEE CLARKE Introduction: Thinking Possibilistically in a Probabalistic World 937...


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