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Endangered Scholars Worldwide* d r . ‘a r e f d a l il a h , the former Dean of the Faculty of Economics of Aleppo University in Syria and a founding member of the Preparatoiy Committees of the Civil Society Forum, was arrested in Damascus, on September 9, 2001. A peaceful supporter of political and economic reforms, he had been dismissed from his post as Dean of Economic Faculty, reportedly due to his outspoken views against corruption and his calls for granting freedom of expression to complement economic reform. He was sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment on charges of “attempting to change the constitution by illegal means.” Serious concerns have been raised about Dr. Dalilah’s health, including heart problems, but prison authorities have restricted his access to medical care. Limited information about his condition is available through the Alliance for Essential Liberties in the Middle East at . Send individual letters of appeal to the indi­ viduals listed below, with copies to diplomatic representatives of Syria accredited to your country: President: His Excellency Bashar al-Assad Presidential Palace al-Rashid Street Damascus Syrian Arab Republic Fax: +963 11 332 3410 Salutation: Your Excellency Minister of Defence: His Excellency General Hassan Ali Turkmani Ministry of Defence Omayyad Square Damascus Syrian Arab Republic Fax: +963 11 223 7842 Salutation: Your Excellency ‘Information current, to the best of our knowledge, as of September 12, 2007. Endangered Scholars W orldw ide vii Minister of Foreign Affairs: His Excellency Walid Mu’allim Ministry of Foreign Affairs al-Rashid Street Damascus Syrian Arab Republic Fax: + 963 11 332 7620 Salutation: Your Excellency Minister of Health: His Excellency Maheral-Husami Minister of Health Majlis ash-Sha’b Damascus Syrian Arab Republic Fax : +963 11 3311114 Email: Salutation: Your Excellency d r . ig o r s u t y a g in , a researcher at the US and Canada Institute in Moscow, was sentenced to 15 years’ hard labor for treason and espio­ nage on April 7, 2004, accused of providing classified information to a UK consulting firm. As a civilian with no security clearances, he did not have access to any classified materials, and his research on civil­ ian-military relations in Russian was based on nonclassified sources. However, authorities contend, the accuracy of his research indicates that Dr. Sutyagin had to have used classified documents to draw his conclusions, despite the absence of any evidence. His arrest and impris­ onment appear to be part of a growing pattern of persecution of scien­ tists and unfounded accusations of espionage. For more information about his case or to sign a letter in support of Dr. Sutyagin, visit . Send individual letters of appeal to: Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin President of Russia The Kremlin Moscow Russia Fax:+7 (095) 206-5173 or +7 (095) 206-6277 E-mail: Salutation: Dear Mr. President Copies sent to: Yuri V. Ushakov, Ambassador Embassy of the Russian Federation to the United States 2650 Wisconsin Avenue, NW Washington DC 20007 Fax: (212) 298-5765 Salutation: Dear Mr. Ambassador viii social research k o a u n g h t u n , a writer and former student activist, was imprisoned in Burma between 1990 and 1995 for organizing student demonstra­ tions against military rule. After his release, he wrote a seven-volume history of the student movement in Burma. In February 1998 he was rearrested and sentenced to a total of 17 years’ imprisonment under charges pertaining to violation of censorship laws and to unlawful asso­ ciation with any organization deemed by authorities to be against state interests. He has been tortured during interrogation, and there are seri­ ous concerns about his health and safety. Information about his case may be found at . Send individual letters of appeal to: Senior General Than Shwe, Chairman State Peace and Development Council Ministry of Defense Naypyitaw Salutation: Dear Senior General Union of Myanmar (for US Postal Service, “Burma” should appear in parentheses after “Myanmar” on envelope only, not in the letter itself) d r . xu z e r o n g , an associate research professor at the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences and an affiliated professor at Zhongshan University, Xu wrote several freelance articles...


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