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social research An International Quarterly of the Social Sciences Vol 73 : No 4 : Winter 2006 Volume 73 Table of Contents Index of Contributors social research Vol 73 : No 4 : W inter 200 6 1295 Contents Vol 73 : Nos 1-4 Vol 73 : No 1 China in Transition V A R IEN MACK Editor's Introduction Vii JE A N -PH IL IPP E BEJA Guest Editor's Introduction I. China's Economy in Transition 1 JEA N -FR A N C O IS HU CHET The Emergence of Capitalism in China: An Historical Perspective and Its Impact on the Political System II. Chinese Politics 29 Q IN H U I Small Government, Big Society? W hat Role for the State in the Chinese Transition Process? 53 JE A N -PH IL IPPE BEJA The Changing Aspects of Civil Society in China Two Conflicting Views of China's Political Future 77 KANG XIAOGUANG Confucianization: A Future in the Tradition 121 LIU XIAOBO Reform in China: The Role of Civil Society III. Social Groups 141 YU JIA N R O N G Conflict in the Countiyside: The Emerging Political Awareness of the Peasants 1296 social research 159 MICHAEL ZHANG The Social Marginalization of W orkers in China's State-Owned Enterprises 185 W ANG CHU NGU ANG The Changing Situation of Migrant Labor 1 9 7 CHLÔE FROISSART Escaping from under the Party's Thumb: A Few Examples of Migrant Workers' Strivings for Autonomy 219 GILLES G U IH EU X The Political “Participation” of Entrepreneurs: Challenge or Opportunity for the Chinese Communist Party? 2 4 5 M ICH EL BO N N IN The “Lost Generation”: Its Definition and Role in Today's Chinese Elite Politics IV.China and the World 277 WANG YI China's Environment and Developmental Issues in Transition 293 C H R ISTIN E LOH Hong Kong's Relations w ith China: The Future of “One Country, Two Systems” 317 W U GUOGUANG The Peaceful Emergence of a Great Power? Vol 73 : No 2 Fairness: Its Role in Our Lives V A R IEN MACK Editor's Introduction I. Science Looks at Fairness 3 4 5 NICHOLAS H U M PH REY Introduction: Science Looks at Fairness 3 4 9 FRANS B. M. DE WAAL Joint Ventures Require Joint Payoffs: Fairness am ong Primates Index, Volume 73 1297 365 JO N ELSTER Fairness and Norms 37 7 HERBERT G IN TIS Moral Sense and Material Interests 405 M ATTHEW RABIN The Experimental Study of Social Preferences II. Keynote Address 43 1 JO H N EDW ARDS A Tax System that Embraces Fairness and Equality III. When Does Fairness Become an Issue? General Conditions that Give Rise to a Sense of Unfairness 4 4 5 LAW RENCE D. BOBO AND VICTOR TH O M PSO N Unfair by Design: The W ar on Drugs, Race, and the Legitimacy of the Criminal Justice System 4 7 3 JE N N IF E R H O CH SCH ILD W hen Do People Not Protest Unfairness? The Case of Skin Color Discrim ination 4 9 9 SID N EY VERBA Fairness, Equality, and Democracy: Three Big Words 541 IRA KATZNELSON W hen Is Affirmative Action Fair? On Grievous Harms and Public Remedies IV. Reasoning about Fairness and Unfairness in Law, Philosophy, and Political Theory 571 RICHA RD J. BERN STEIN Introduction: Reasoning about Fairness and Unfairness in Law, Philosophy, and Political Theory 57 5 EDNA ULLM ANN-M ARGALIT Family Fairness 5 9 7 ALAN RYAN Fairness and Philosophy 607 IAN SH A PIRO Notes on the Political Psychology of Redistribution 1298 social research 6 19 CASS R. SU N STEIN Two Conceptions of Procedural Fairness V. Fairness and Social Justice 649 C H R ISTIA N BARRY AN D LYDIA TOM ITOVA Fairness in Sovereign Debt 695 JU LIA N LE GRAND Equity and Choice in Public Services 711 RICH A RD G. W ILK IN SO N The Impact of Inequality Vol 73 : No 3 Politics and Science How Their Interplay Results in Public Policy V A R IEN MACK Editor's Introduction I. Recent History: The Emerging Conflict between Politics and Science 7 3 3 GERALD...


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