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Notes on Contributors h a n n a h a r e n d t was University Professor at the Graduate Faculty of the New School for Social Research from 1968 until her death in 1975. Her books include TheOriginsofTotalitarianism (1968), TheHuman Condition (1958), OnRevolution (1963), and TheLifeoftheMind (1975). je r o m e b r u n e r is Senior Research Fellow and Research Professor of Psychology at New York University School ofLaw. Among his many books are MakingStories:Law, Literature, Life (2002), TheCultureofEducation (1996), and ActsofMeaning(1990). w e n d y d o n i g e r is Director of the Martin Marty Center and Mircea Eliade Distinguished Service Professor ofthe History of Religions at the University of Chicago. Her book, TheWomanWho Pretended toBe WhoSheWas, is forthcom­ ing, and she is currently completing a translation of the last four books of the Mahabharata. MOSHE HALBERTAL is Professor of Philosophy andJewish Thought at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is the author ofPeopleoftheBook Canon, Meaning andAuthority(1997) and the coauthor, with Avishai Margalit, ofidolatry(1992). ROBERT HEILBRONER is Norman Thomas Professor Emeritus at the Graduate Faculty, New School University. Among his many books are TheWorldly Philosophers(1953), 21st CenturyCapitalism (1993), and TheCrisisofVisioninModem EconomicThought(coauthor, 1996). j o h n Ho l l a n d e r is Sterling Professor Emeritus of English at Yale University. A former Chancellor ofthe Academy of American Poets, his numerous books of poetiy and criticism include Picture Window:Poems(2003) and TheWorkof Poetry (1997). His book, Poetryand Music, is forthcoming. e. j . h o b s b a w m is University Professor Emeritus ofPolitics and Society at the Graduate Faculty, New School University. Among his most recent books are InterestingTimes:A TwentiethCenturyLife (2002), OntheEdgeoftheNewCentury (2000), and OnHistory(1997). M i c h a e l i g n a t i e f f is Carr Professor of Human Rights Practice and the Director ofthe Carr Center of Human Rights Policy, Harvard University. Among his most recent books are TheLesserEvil: PoliticalEthicsin anAgeofTerror(2004) and HumanRightsas Politicsand Idolatry (2001). His newest volume, AfterParadise, is forthcoming. h a n s J o n a s (1903-1993) was Alvin Johnson Professor Emeritus ofPhilosophy in the Graduate Faculty, New School for Social Research. He published numerous books and articles on ethics, social philos­ ophy, the philosophy ofbiology,Jewish theology, and Gnosticism, including The ImperativeofResponsibility(1979). ...


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