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©UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO PRESS 1991 All rights reserved. Permission to reproduce in whole or in part must be obtained in writing from University of Toronto Press CONTRIBUTORS KATHERINE A. SIRLUCK Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia JOSEPH M.P. DONATELLI Associate Professor of English, University of Manitoba MICHELE GREEN Assistant Professor, University of Windsor At work on a book entitled Sympathetic Individualism: The Moral and Social Philosophy ofJ,S. Mill JOHN ALLETI Associate Professor, Division of Social Science, York University New Liberalism: The Political Economy ofJ.A. Hobson (1981); Contributor to Reappraising IA. Hobson (19.90) LEON 5URElTE Professor of English, University of Western Ontario. KAREN SMYTHE Assistant Professor of English, University of Regina KENNETH BORRIS Assistant Professor of English, McGill University Spenser's Poetics ofProphecy in The Faerie Queene' V (1991) GERMAINE WARKENTIN Professor of English, University of Toronto Widely published on Sidney and Petrarchism; currently working on an edition of the library catalogue of the Sidney Family (ca 1665) GLEN CAVALIERO John Cowper Powys: Novelist (1973); The Rural Tradition in the English Novel 1900-1939 (1977); A Reading of E.M. Forster (1979) ROBERT K. MARTIN Professor of English, Concordia University The Homosexual Tradition in American Poetry (1979); Hero, Captain and Stranger: Male Friendship, Social Critique and Literary Form in the Sea Novels ofHerman Melville (1986); coeditor, E.M. Forster: Centenary Revaluations (1982) W.J. KEITH Professor of English, University of Toronto Widely published in the areas of British and Canadian literature: A Sense of Style: Studies in the Art ofFiction in English-Speaking Canada (1989); Regions of the Imagination (1988), etc ...


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