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©UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO PRESS INCORPORATED 2000 All rights reserved. Permission to reproduce ill whole or ill part must be obtained in wrilingfrolll University afToronto Press incorporated CONTRIBUTORS HOLLIS RINEHART Associate Professor of English (Emeritus), York University LESLIE THOMSON Associate Professor of English, Erindale College, University of Toronto With Alan C. Dessen, A Dictionmy ofStage Directions in English Drama, 1580-1642 (1999); exhibition catalogue, Fortune: 'All is but Fortune' (2000) MILTON WILSON Professor of English (Emeritus), University of Toronto E.J. Pratt (1969); editor, Poets between the Wars (1967); editor, Poetry ofMid-Century 1940-1960 (1964); Shelley's Later Poetry (1959) JANE MOSS Robert E. Diamond Professor of French, Colby College DOUGLAS CHAMBERS Professor of English, Trinity College, University of Toronto The Re-invention ofthe World: English Writing 1650-1750 (1996); Stonyground: TheMakingofa Canadian Garden (1996); The Planters ofthe English Landscape Garden: Botany, Trees, and the Georgics (1993) LINDA MUNK Professor of English, Erindale College, University of Toronto The Devil's Mousetrap: Redemption and Colonial American Litreature (1997); The Trivial Sublime: Theology and American Poetics (1992) ...


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