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©UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO PRESS INCORPORATED 1999 All rights reserved. Permission to reproduce in whole or ill part must be obtained in writingfrom UniverSity ofTormtto Press Incorporated CONTRIBUTORS ERIC P. LEVY Associate Professor of EnglishJ University of British Columbia Beckett and the Voice of Species: A Study ofthe Prose Fiction (1980) IAN LANCASHIRE Professor of English, New College, University of Toronto Using 'TACY' with Electronic Texts (1996); Humanities Computing Yearbook (1988, 1991) Dramatic Texts and Recotds of Britain (1984); Two Tudor Interludes (1980) CAROLYN MAC HARDY College Professor of Fine Arts, Okanagan University College LINDA. MUNK Professor of English, Erindale CollegeJ University of Toronto The Devil's Mousetrap: Redemption and Colonial American Literature (1997); The Trivial Sublime: TheologtJ and American Poetics (1992) JOCELYN HARRIS Professor of English, University of Otago Jane Austen's Art ofMemory (1989); Samuel Richardson (1987); editor, Samuel Richardson, Sir Charles Grandison (1972) LINDA HUTCHEON University Professor of English and Comparative Literature, University of Toronto Opera: Desire, Disease, Death (with Michael Hutcheon, 1996); Irony's Edge: The Theory and Politics ofIrony (1995) ...


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