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INDEX TO VOLUMES 50-54 This indexlists, by author, allpresidential addresses, articles, andbookreviews thathave been published in volumes 50 through 54 (1988-92) of the Yearbook. In addition, one subject entry, and when appropriate, one location entry appears for each presidential address and article. Each book reviewed is referenced by title. Forall entries,paginationfollows thevolume number. Whenthereis more than one author, the main entry is under the name of the first author, with subsidiary entries for additional authors. Aboriginal population (Tulare Basin), see Preston, v. 51. African honeybees, see Kent, v. 50. Agricultural geography (Alaska), see Lewis, v. 52. Agricultural geography (Algeria), see Karabenick, v. 53. Agricultural geography (soils), see Gersmehl, v. 51. AITKEN, Stuart C. and Steven P. Ginsberg, Children’s Characterization of Place, 50: 69-86. Alaska (agriculture), see Lewis, v. 52. Alaska (railroads), see Steiner, v. 52. Alaska (the Bush), see Lantis, v. 51. Algeria (agricultural change), see Karabenick, v. 53. Amazonia (house gardens), see Works, v. 52. Arid land settlement (Owens Valley), see Sauder, v. 52. Arizona (regional development), see Gibson, v. 50. Arizona (Tempe commuting), see Bums, v. 54. BERNERT, Joseph A., see Kale, v. 53. Biogeography (feral parrots), see Boling, v. 52. Biogeography (African honeybees), see Kent, v. 50. Biogeography (natural areas), see Pryde, v. 50. BOLING, Lauren A., Habitat Islands: Feral Parrots in Southern California, 52: 91-107. BOOTH, Charles W. and Dale F. Stradling, Geography at Eastern Washington University, 54: 111-120. BULMAN, Teresa L„ Development of the Grape Monoculture of Napa County, 53: 61-86. BURNS, Elizabeth K., Vance’s Commuting Analysis: An Application in Tempe, Arizona, 54: 77-96. California (environmental problems), see Pryde, v. 54. California: The Pacific Connection, see Gregor, v. 51. 187 188 APCG YEARBOOK • VOLUME 54 • 1992 Church of the East, see Smith, v. 51. Columbus, Ohio (inner city), see Ford, v. 50. Conservation (California), see Pryde, v. 54. Conservation (San Diego County), see Pryde, v. 50. CRITCHFIELD, Howard J., see Scott, v. 52. CROWLEY, John M., The Rocky Mountain Region: Problems of Delimitation and Nomenclature, 50: 59-67. CROWLEY, William K., The Growth of the Mexican Wine Industry, 51: 25-47. Cultural ecology (fishing), see Krabacher, v. 54. CURRAN, Claude W„ Geography at Southern Oregon State College, 53: 229238 . EDGELL, Michael C. R., Colin J. B. Wood, W. R. Derrick Sewell, and Charles N. Forward, Geography at the University of Victoria, 52: 208-217. EDIE, Milton J., Geography at Montana State University, 52: 218-228. Elderly, see Young, v. 50. Environmental perception (children’s), see Aitken, v. 50. Environmental perception (San Jose), see Holstrom, v. 54. Environmental problems (California), see Pryde, v. 54. Ethnic identity (Hungary), see White, v. 54. Ethnicity (Rom gypsies), see Nemeth, v. 53. Eurotunnel, see Keeling, v. 53. Food (fish), see Krabacher, v. 54. Food (house gardens), see Works, v. 52. FORD, Larry, Housing and Inner City Population Change in Columbus and San Diego, 50: 105-115. FORWARD, Charles N„ see Edgell, v. 52. Geographic names, see Loy, v. 51. GERSMEHL, Philip J., The Usefulness of an Index of Soil Productivity in the Pacific Northwest, 51: 65-78. GIBSON, Lay James, Restructuring the Landscape, 50: 7-20. GINSBERG, Steven P., see Aitken, v. 50. GREGOR, Howard F., review of California: The Pacific Connection, by David W. Lantis, Rodney Steiner, and Arthur E. Karinen, 51:143-147. GRIVETTI, Louis Evan, see Smith, v. 51. Gypsies (United States), see Nemeth, v. 53. HALLINAN, Tim S., River City—Right Here in California?, 51:49-64. Hard Places: Reading the Landscape ofAmerica’s Historic Mining Districts, see Starrs, v. 54. HAYTER, Roger, Geography at Simon Fraser University, 52: 191-207. Historical Atlas of Washington, see Turner, v. 51. History of geography (at Central Washington University), see Kaatz, v. 52. History of geography (at Eastern Washington University), see Booth, v. 54. Index to Volumes 50-54 189 History of geography (at Montana State University), see Edie, v. 52. History of geography (at Oregon State University), see Jensen, v. 52. History of geography (at Simon Fraser University), see Hayter, v. 52. History of geography (at Southern Oregon State College), see Curran, v. 53. History of geography (at University of British Columbia), see Robinson, v. 53. History of...


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