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140 EDITORIAL NOTES Eleven papers were submittedthis year, andfive wereaccepted forpublication, including two that were presented at previous APCG meetings. As we pass the editorial pen, ormore accurately, keyboard, to a new editor we wish to thank all those who helped us during our tenure. It has been a happy experience to work with Jo Alexander of Oregon State University Press. She has ably copy-edited all of the manuscripts and managed all phases ofjournal produc­ tion and distribution. Bill Loy at the University of Oregon helped us make the transition from conventional typesetting to disk-based production. To all those authors who submitted their work forconsideration, whether accepted for publica­ tion in the Yearbook or not, a heartfelt thanks. We express our appreciation to the Department of Geography, University of California, Davis, under the chairman­ ships of Steve JettandJack Ives, forabsorbing thecosts of telephoning, photocopy­ ing, postage, andmore. Ourreviewers during the five-year period werehelpful and mostly prompt. We are in your debt and we take this opportunity to publicly thank you on behalf of the APCG: Edward Aguado, San Diego State University Conrad J. Bahre, University of California, Davis Robert Bettinger, University of California, Davis Ronald R. Boyce, Seattle Pacific University Stephen Brush, University of California, Davis Elizabeth K. Bums, Arizona State University Frank J. Calzonetti, West Virginia University William K. Crowley, Sonoma State University Frank W. Davis, University of California, Santa Barbara Harm J. de Blij, National Geographic Society Marsha J. Dillon, California State University, Sacramento Lary M. Dilsaver, University of South Alabama Gary Dunbar, Emeritus, University of California, Los Angeles Deborah L. Elliott-Fisk, University of California, Davis John C. Everitt, Brandon University Christopher H. Exline, University of Nevada, Reno James D. Fitzsimmons, U. S. Bureau of the Census Douglas K. Fleming, University of Washington Mark O. Francis, University of California, Davis Janet Franklin, San Diego State University Philip J. Gersmehl, University of Minnesota 141 David O. Gordon, University of California, Davis Howard Gregor, University of California, Davis Louis Grivetti, University of California, Davis Susan W. Hardwick, California State University, Chico David Hodge, University of Washington Donald Holtgrieve, California State University, Chico Stephen C. Jett, University of California, Davis Harley E. Johansen, University of Idaho Kevin C. Kearns, University of Northern Colorado James B. Kenyon, University of Georgia Leszek A. Kosinski, University of Alberta Thomas S. Krabacher, California State University, Sacramento Terrill J. Kramer, University of Nevada, Reno Barbel LaMar, California State University, Fullerton David W. Lantis, California State University, Chico Victoria A. Lawson, University of Washington John Lier, California State University, Hayward Derek O. Lodrick, University of California, Davis Tom McKnight,* University of California, Los Angeles Theodore M. Oberlander, University of California, Berkeley James Parsons, University of California, Berkeley John Passerello,* Office of Emergency Services, State of California Douglas R. Powell, University of California, Berkeley Philip R. Pryde, San Diego State University William J. Reynolds, U.S. Military Academy, West Point Gundars Rudzitis, University of Idaho James L. Sell, University of Arizona Douw G. Steyn, University of British Columbia Alvin W. Urquhart,* University of Oregon Tom Vale, University of Wisconsin Barney Warf, Kent State University Nancy L. Wilkinson, San Francisco State University Wilbur Zelinsky, Pennsylvania State University Craig ZumBrunnen,* University of Washington ♦Member of the Yearbook Board of Editorial Consultants ...


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