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137 SOME NOTES ON PRESIDENTS AND MEETINGS OF THE APCG There hasbeen some confusion concerning the numberingof annual meetings of the association. Although 1991-92 was the 57th year of the APCG, the 1992 meeting in Bellingham was only the association’s 55th. Archival materials reveal that the first meeting of the association was held at UCLA, June 26-27,1935. Dr. Otis W. Freeman of Cheney Normal School (now Eastern Washington University), who arranged the meeting, was elected the first president. Meetings were held annually through 1942. The 1943 meeting, which was to have been held in Corvallis, was cancelled due to World War n, as were the meetings for 1944 and 1945. Fifty-seven geographers, including the incumbent president, have served as presidents of the association. Dr. Eliot Mears of Stanford University served as president from 1942 until his death early in 1946. Dr. John Appleton, then serving at the State Department, moved from vice-presidency to presidency. The regional distribution of the presidents will likely be of interest to many members. Eight presidents were—at the time of their presidencies—members of the Geography Department atUCLA. Three universities—Berkeley, Oregon, and Washington—each have provided four presidents, while two others—Chico and San Jose—each have provided three. Seven universities have been the home base for two presidents each—Arizona, Eastern Washington, Nevada, Oregon State, Portland State, San Diego, and Stanford. Fourteen universities each have given us one president—Arizona State, California State at Los Angeles, Central Washing­ ton, Colorado, Fresno, Hayward, Long Beach, Montana, Northridge, Riverside, Utah, Western Washington, and two Canadian universities—British Columbiaand Simon Fraser. The remaining three presidents have come from the Carnegie Institution, the Soil Conservation Service, and the State Department. A state-by-state distribution shows that California provided the president on twenty-eight occasions, followed by Oregon and Washington with eight each. Arizonahas provided four, British Columbia, the District of Columbia andNevada two apiece, and Colorado, Montana, and Utah one each. James W. Scott, APCG Archivist Western Washington University 138 Presidents of the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers 1935-36 Otis W. Freeman, Cheney Normal (now Eastern Washington) 1936-37 Howard H. Martin, Washington 1937-38 George H. McBride, UCLA 1938-39 John Leighly, Berkeley 1939-40 Peveril Meigs, Chico 1940-41 Frances M. Earle, Washington 1941-42 Forrest Shreve, Carnegie Institution, Tucson 1942-46 Eliot G. Mears, Stanford 1946 John B. Appleton, State Department 1946-47 Phil E. Church, Washington 1947-48 Harold A. Hoffmeister, Colorado 1948-49 Ruth E. Baugh, UCLA 1949-50 John E. Kesseli, Berkeley 1950-51 J. Lewis Robinson, British Columbia 1951-52 Samuel N. Dicken, Oregon 1952-53 Robert M. Glendenning, UCLA* William A. Rockie, U.S. Soil Conservation Service 1953-54 James J. Parsons, Berkeley 1954-55 C. Langdon White, Stanford 1955-56 H. Bowman Hawkes, Utah 1956-57 Francis J. Schadegg, Eastern Washington** Huey Louis Kostanick, UCLA 1957-58 J. Granville Jensen, Oregon State 1958-59 Francis J. Schadegg, Eastern Washington 1959-60 Howard F. Gregor, San Jose 1960-61 Marion E. Marts, Washington 1961-62 Benjamin E. Thomas, UCLA 1962-63 Edward T. Price, Los Angeles City College 1963-64 Chester F. Cole, Fresno 1964-65 Richard M. Highsmith, Oregon State 1965-66 Homer Aschmann, Riverside 1966-67 Dale E. Courtney, Portland State 1967-68 Clyde P. Patton, Oregon 1968-69 Tom L. McKnight, UCLA 1969-70 Martin R. Kaatz, Central Washington 1970-71 Daniel B. Luten, Berkeley 1971-72 Everitt G. Smith, Oregon*** Dan Stanislawski, Arizona 1972-73 Howard J. Nelson, UCLA 139 Presidents of the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers (continued) 1973-74 Philip L. Wagner, Simon Fraser 1974-75 R. W. Durrenberger, Arizona State 1975-76 Chris Field, Montana 1976-77 Michael P. McIntyre, San Jose 1977-78 William L. Thomas, Hayward 1978-79 Arnold Court, Northridge 1979-80 Alvin W. Urquhart, Oregon 1980-81 David W. Lantis, Chico 1981-82 Gary S. Dunbar, UCLA 1982-83 Larry R. Ford, San Diego 1983-84 Earl W. Kersten, Nevada-Reno 1984-85 Larry W. Price, Portland State 1985-86 Margaret E. Trussell, Chico 1986-87 Lay James Gibson, Arizona 1987-88 William G. Loy, Oregon 1988-89 Rodney Steiner...


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