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Book Author Book Title Reviewer Issue, pg#
Aakhus, Halvor; original art and sound by Halvor Aakhus Book of Knut: A Novel by Knut Knudson James Tadd Adcox 34(2):14
Abu-Jaber, Diana Birds of Paradise M. Lynx Qualey 34(1):8
Aldrich, Marcia Companion to an Untold Story Brooke Wonders 34(6):19
Aleixandre, Gabriel; Stephen Kessler, trans. Poems of Consummation Daniel Shapiro 34(5):26
Anderson, Peter Wheatyard Matt Baker 34(6):23
Apostol, Gina Gun Dealers’ Daughter Martin Joseph Ponce 34(5):10
Berger, Tamara Faith Maidenhead Elisabeth Sheffield 34(6):10
Beukes, Lauren Zoo City Jayna Brown 34(2):7
Blackwell, Gabriel Shadow Man: A Biography of Lewis Miles Archer Mike Ingram 34(5):25
Born, Megan, Lily Jencks, and Helene Furján, with Phillip M. Crosby Dirt Myrdene Anderson 34(3):17
Bourgeois, Louis, Adam Young, and J. W. Young, eds. A Short Ride: Remembering Barry Hannah Ruth D. Weston 34(3):14
Brenna, Duff Murdering the Mom DeWitt Henry 34(1):28
Browder, Clifford The Pleasuring of Men Kolby Harvey 34(6):11
Brown, Brandon Flowering Mall Gerald L. Bruns 34(2):23
Burn, Stephen J., ed. Conversations with David Foster Wallace Alex DeBonis 34(1):21
Butler, Blake Scorch Atlas Lee Quinby 34(2):9
Butler, Blake, and Vanessa Place; Assembled by Christopher Higgs One Gerald L. Bruns 34(1):16
Bye, C. James, and Jessa Bye, eds. The Way We Sleep Kat Meads 34(5):28
Byerman, Keith E. The Art and Life of Clarence Major W. Lawrence Hogue 34(2):17
Carr, Brian Allen Vampire Conditions Shome Dasgupta 34(6):21
Chehade, Thérèse Soukar Loom Angele Ellis 34(1):7
Cherry, Kelly The Life and Death of Poetry Beth McDermott 34(5):27
Chevillard, Eric; Alyson Waters, trans. Prehistoric Times Steven Wingate 34(2):16
Chura, Patrick Thoreau the Land Surveyer Dinda L. Gorlée 34(1):25
Churchwell, Sarah, and Thomas Ruys Smith, eds. Must Read: Rediscovering American Bestsellers: From Charlotte Temple to The Da Vinci Code Erin A. Smith 34(5):15
Cockelbergh, Peter, ed. Pierre Joris: Cartographies of the In-Between Amanda Montei 34(4):28
Cohen, Samuel, and Lee Konstantinou, eds. The Legacy of David Foster Wallace Alex DeBonis 34(1):21
Collins, Myfanwy I Am Holding Your Hand Courtney E. Morgan 34(6):15
Cross, Eugene Fires of Our Choosing Caleb J. Ross 34(1):24
Crouse, Richard Raising Hell: Ken Russell and the Making of The Devils Ron Capshaw 34(2):18
Danielewski, Mark Z. The Fifty Year Sword Alison Gibbons 34(5):17
de Noailles, Anna; Catherine Perry, ed.; Norman R. Shapiro, trans. A Life of Poems, Poems of a Life Anna Soo-Hoo 34(1):29
DeLillo, Don Point Omega Mary K. Holland 34(4):10
Dentz, Shira door of thin skins Jane L. Carman 34(6):6
Dew, Spencer Here is How it Happens David S. Atkinson 34(6):24
Di Blasi, Debra; Illustrations by Mugi Takei Dirty : Dirty Roxane Gay 34(6):5
Dimock, Peter George Anderson: Notes for a Love Song in Imperial Time John Domini 34(4):29
Dorn, Edward; Jennifer Dunbar Dorn, ed., with Justin Katko, Reitha Pattison, and Kyle Waugh Edward Dorn: Collected Poems Patrick James Dunagan 34(2):20
Ducornet, Rikki Netsuke Cristopher Grimes 34(6):9
Egan, Jennifer “Black Box” Alan Kirby 34(4):12
Eggers, Dave A Hologram for the King Caren Irr 34(4):6
Eisenberg, Ophira Screw Everyone: Sleeping my Way to Monogamy Kerry Cohen 34(6):12
Elkin, Lauren, and Scott Esposito The End of Oulipo? An Attempt to Exhaust a Movement Gerald L. Bruns 34(4):21
Ellen, Elizabeth Fast Machine Kolby Harvey 34(6):11
Eng, Tan Twan The Garden of Evening Mists Anne Luyat 34(2):22
Esposito, Duane Declaration for Your Bones Barbara Barnard 34(3):25
Faerstein, Howard Dreaming of the Rain in Brooklyn Pat Falk 34(5):18
Farmer, Philip José A Feast Unknown Ron Capshaw 34(4):18
Farmer, Philip José The Lord of the Trees Ron Capshaw 34(4):18
Finch, Annie A Poet’s Craft: A Comprehensive Guide to Making and Sharing Your Poetry Helane Levine-Keating 34(2...


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