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Philosophy, Psychiatry, & Psychology 10.4 (2003) 391-395

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Volume 10 Contents

Feature Article

Commodity/Body/Sign: Borderline Personality Disorder and the
Signification of Self-Injurious Behavior
Nancy Nyquist Potter    1


Self-injury: Symbolic Sacrifice/Self-Assertion Renders Clinicians Helpless
Christa Krüger    17

Did You Hurt Yourself?
Katherine Morris    23

Gender, Body, Meaning: Anthropological Perspectives on Self-Injury and Borderline
Personality Disorder
Carolyn Sargent     25

On the Border: Reflections on the Meaning of Self-Injury in Borderline
Personality Disorder
Robert Woolfolk    29

In the Spirit of Giving Uptake
Nancy Nyquist Potter    33

Feature Article

Is This Dame Melancholy? Equating Today's Depression and Past Melancholia
Jennifer Radden    37


A Pragmatic Consideration of Depression and Melancholia
David H. Brendel    53 [End Page 391]

Listening to People or Listening to Prozac? Another Consideration of
Causal Classifications
Jennifer Hansen    57

The Pragmatics of Psychiatry, and the Psychiatry of Cross-Cultural Suffering
Jennifer Radden    63

Feature Article

Death, Disability, and Dogma
Jennifer Clegg and Richard Lansdall-Welfare    67


"What's in the box then, Mum?"—Death, Disability and Dogma
Sheila Colman    81

Death, Disability, and Dialogue
Gerald Casenave    87

The Ambiguities of "Meaning": A Commentary
Hans Reinders    91

Living With Contested Knowledge and Partial Authority
Jennifer Clegg and Richard Lansdall-Welfare    99

Feature Article

Literature as Philosophy of Psychopathology: William Faulkner as Wittgensteinian
Rupert Read    115


Incomprehensibility and Understanding: On the Interpretation of Severe Mental Illness
Louis A. Sass    125

Fictional Beings
J. M. Coetzee    133

On Delusions of Sense: A Response to Coetzee and Sass
Rupert Read    135

Feature Article

Establishing Personal Identity in Cases of DID
Steve Matthews    143


Counting Persons and Living With Alters: Comments on Matthews
Stephen E. Braude    153 [End Page 000]

Constructing Persons: The Psychopathology of Identity
Stephen R. L. Clark    157

Social, Cognitive, and Neural Constraints on Subjectivity and Agency: Implications
for Dissociative Identity Disorder
Peter Q. Deeley    161

Blaming Agents and Excusing Persons: The Case of DID
Steve Matthews    169

Feature Article

The Responsibility of the Psychopathic Offender
Christopher Ciocchetti    175


Measuring Moral Identities: Psychopaths and Responsibility
Gwen Adshead    185

The Responsibility of the Psychopathic Offender: A Comment on Ciocchetti
Piers Benn    189

A Comment on Christopher Ciocchetti: "The Responsibility of the Psychopathic
Daniel W. Shuman    193

Some Thoughts on Diverse Psychopathic Offenders and Legal Responsibility
Christopher Ciocchetti    195

Feature Article

Moral Tourists and World Travelers:
Some Epistemological Issues in Understanding Patient's Worlds
Nancy Nyquist Potter     209


Travelers in the Land of Sickness
Eric J. Cassell    225

World Traveling as a Clinical Methodology for Psychiatric Care
Suzanne M. Jaeger    227

What If There are Limits to Understanding?
Deborah Spitz    233

The Mean for Understanding and Connection in the Clinical Context
Nancy Nyquist Potter     237 [End Page 000]

Feature Article

The Likeness Argument and the Reality of Mental Illness
Neil Pickering    243


Illnesses and Likenesses
Richard G. T. Gipps    255

Contingency, Arbitrariness, and Failure
Michael Loughlin    261

Definition Is Limited and Values Inescapable
Richard Mullen    265

Likening Strikes Twice: Psychiatry, Osteopathy, and the Likeness Argument
Stephen Tyreman    267

The Likeness Argument: Reminders, Roles, and Reasons for Use
Neil Pickering    273

Key Concepts: Endophenotypes
Walter Glannon    277

Agency, Narrative, and Self: A Philosophical Case Conference
John Z. Sadler and K. W. M. Fulford    295

Feature Article

Discontinuity in Personal Narrative: Some Perspectives of Patients
Lloyd A. Wells    297

The Unity and Disunity of Agency
Jeanette Kennett and Stephen Matthews     305

Psychopathology and the Narrative Self
James Phillips    313

When Narrative Fails
J. Melvin Woody    329


Idem, Ipse, and Loss of the Self
Gerrit Glas    347

Emotions and Narrative Selves
Valerie Gray Hardcastle    353

Learning From Disunity
Jennifer Radden    357 [End Page 000]

Psychopathology and Two Kinds of Narrative Account of the Self
Tim Thornton    361

Unity of Agency and Volition: Some Personal Reflections
Stephen Weiner    369

The Forgotten Self: Training Mental Health and Social Care Workers to
Work With Service Users
Kim Woodbridge    373

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International News and Notes     109, 203, 289, 383



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