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  • Leonardo Music Journal Archives Now On-Line!

Thousands of texts by artists and researchers around the world working at the intersection of the arts, sciences and technology can now be accessed online. Past issues of Leonardo and Leonardo Music Journal (LMJ) beginning with Volume 1 (1968) up through five years previous to the current year are now available to Leonardo and LMJ subscribers via the JSTOR Arts & Sciences III Collection. More recent articles can be accessed on the MIT Press web site with a Leonardo or LMJ subscription.

In the Leonardo Music Journal archives you will find such titles as:

  • "The Earthworm Also Sings: A Composer's Practice of Deep Listening," by Pauline Oliveros (Leonardo Music Journal, Vol. 3, 1993).

  • "Inventing Images: Constructing and Contesting Gender in Thinking about Elecroacoustic Music," by Andra McCartney (Leonardo Music Journal, Vol. 5, 1995).

  • "The Design of a Musical Instrument Based on Cathode Relays," by Leon Theremin (Leonardo Music Journal, Vol. 6, 1996).

  • "Quotation and Context: Sampling and John Oswald's 'Plunderphonics'," by Kevin Holm-Hudson (Leonardo Music Journal, Vol. 7, 1997).

  • "Origins of a Form: Acoustical Exploration, Science and Incessancy," by Alvin Lucier (Leonardo Music Journal, Vol. 8, 1998).

  • "Free Enterprise: Virtual Capital and Counterfeit Music at the End of the Century," by Mark Trayle (Leonardo Music Journal, Vol. 9, 1999).

  • "Beta Foly: Experiments with Tradition and Technology in West Africa," by Lukas Ligeti (Leonardo Music Journal, Vol. 10, 2000).

  • "Electric Body Manipulation as Performance Art: A Historical Perspective," by Arthur Elsenaar and Remko Scha (Leonardo Music Journal, Vol. 12, 2002).

  • "Machines of Joy: I Have Seen the Future and It Is Squiggly," by David Byrne (Leonardo Music Journal, Vol. 12, 2002).

  • "John Cage and Recording," by Yasunao Tone (Leonardo Music Journal, Vol. 13, 2003).

  • "David Tudor: The Delicate Art of Falling," by Bill Viola (Leonardo Music Journal, Vol. 14, 2004).

  • "The Burkina Electric Project and Some Thoughts about Electronic Music in Africa," by Lukas Ligeti (Leonardo Music Journal, Vol. 16, 2006).

  • "Listening to History: Some Proposals for Reclaiming the Practice of Live Music," by Jon Rose (Leonardo Music Journal, Vol. 18, 2008).

  • "Harnessing Waves and Elastic Space," by Liz Phillips (Leonardo Music Journal, Vol. 19, 2009).

And more!

PLUS thousands of reviews by Leonardo Reviews panelists of publications and events since 1968.

Leonardo and LMJ articles archived on JSTOR are available to subscribers for an annual access fee of $25.

Contact MIT Press <(> to set up your access to JSTOR today.

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