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ClUNIVERSITY OF TORONTO PRESS 1988 All rights reseroed. Permission to reproduce in whole or in part must be obtailied in writing from University ofToronto Press CONTRIBUTORS DENNIS QUINN Professor of English, University of Kansas MILTON WILSON Professor of English (Emeritus), Trinity College, University of Toronto; Shelley's Later Poetry (1959); editor, Poets between the Wars (1967); E.J. Pratt (1969) DEBORAH ESCH Andrew Mellon Assistant Professor of English, University of Toronto; The Senses of the Past (forthcoming); editor, New Essays on 'The House of Mirth' (forthcoming); editor (with Thomas Keenan) of Jacques Derrida, Institutions of Philosophy and Negotiations (forthcoming) THOMAS L. JEFFERS Associate Professor of English, Marquette University; Samuel Butler Revalued (1981) R.E. TULLY Associate Professor of Philosophy, 5t Michael's College, University of Toronto RICHARD MAUNDRELL Lecturer in Philosophy, Lakehead University DAVID FLAGEL Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Lakehead University CHARLES LOCK Associate Professor of English, Erindale College, University of Toronto ANNE-MARIE PICARD Doctoral candidate, Department of French, University of Toronto SHELDON P. ZITNBR Professor of English, Trinity College, University of Toronto; editor, Revels edition, George Beaumont, Knight of the Burning Pestle (1985) BERNHARD RADLOFF Assistant Professor of English, University of Ottawa JAN NARVESON Professor of Philosophy, University of Waterloo; MoraliM) and Utility (1967); editor, Moral Issues (1983); The Libertarian Idea (forthcoming) JENNIFER BRADY Associate Professor of English, Rhodes College, Memphis. Co-editor with W.H. Herendeen of Ben Jonson's 1616 Folio ...


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