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  • "God Has A Pen That Never Runs Out Of Ink"
  • Barbara Crooker (bio)

quote from one of Frank McCourt's students

and seas that never run dry. Numberless possiblemiracles, or the head count of angels dancingon the head of a pin. Though why would theywant to ruin their silken slippers, pierce the solesof their pearly feet, when the polished dome of heavenis their ballroom? Anyway, back to God, best-sellingauthor. Collector of royalties, seen, and unseen. Does helog onto email, linger in chat rooms, have a Facebook page?Does he go to writing conferences, working on his MFA?Or do we only see him at the Open Mic, disguising his wordsin a half-baked ramble, causing the emcee to boot him offafter fifteen pages. "Geez, you said we could read one poem,"he mutters, shaking his dreads. "Let's blow this joint.I know a bar where they let you play jazz all night long."Outside, the spangles of infinity are shaking their holy booty,and the moon's hot spotlight radiates in the inkjet sky. [End Page 266]

Barbara Crooker

Barbara Crooker's poems have appeared in a variety of literary journals, including The Christian Science Monitor, The Christian Century, Christianity and Literature, Sojourners, Rock & Sling, Ruminate, Literature and Belief, The Cresset, Tiferet, America, and anthologies, including Imago Dei: Poems from Christianity and Literature. She has won a number of awards, including the 2003 Thomas Merton Poetry of the Sacred Prize. Her newest book is titled Gold (Cascade Books, 2013).



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