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  • Copyright for Collage Artists, and: Dover Publications
  • Roy R. Behrens
Copyright for Collage Artists Web site: <>.
Dover Publications Web site: <>.

As everyone knows, our access to the World Wide Web, combined with the speed and effectiveness of Internet search engines, has greatly increased the likelihood of copyright violation. As a further complication, the applicability of existing copyright laws to digital publishing is not always obvious. While there are helpful printed books on copyright law, a far better source is a rich and interesting website called Copyright for Collage Artists. Created a few years ago by Sarah Ovenall, a designer from North Carolina, it is organized around an exacting yet readable overview of her own concerns about inadvertent copyright violation and its consequences, legal and otherwise. Of particular value are various sections on "Common Myths," "Fair Use," "Trademark," "Derivative Works," "Copyright Duration" and so on. In a section called "Online Resources," there are direct links to various non-government sources pertaining to copyright, as well as a link to the U.S. Copyright Office, where one can access all the forms to register a copyright. One of the things Ovenall discusses (and provides an online link for) is the huge collection of copyright-free art available through Dover Publications, a venerable New York book publisher. For decades, Dover has been putting out dozens and dozens of books in a collection officially known as the Dover Pictorial Archives. Each volume contains hundreds of copyright-free images, mostly Victorian-era illustrations that are now in the public domain. Dover of course owns its own copyright on the newly published collections but permits the reproduction of a certain number of the featured images in any one project, without permission or paying a fee. The range of available image styles, historical periods and subjects (some in book form only, others also on a CD-ROM) is phenomenal, as can be seen by accessing their website, or, once there, by requesting that they mail you the current printed catalog for the Dover Pictorial Archives. Both Dover's publication list and Ovenall's copyright website are extraordinarily helpful resources for artists, graphic designers, teachers and scholars in art and historical fields. [End Page 384]

Roy R. Behrens
Department of Art, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0362, U.S.A. E-mail:<>.

(Reprinted by permission from Ballast Quarterly Review, Vol. 18, No. 3, Spring 2003.)



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