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  • Emmett's Wallet
  • Philip C. Kolin (bio)

They said I had picturesin my wallet, white girlsGisele MacKenzie, Joan Collins.It was immoral for a black boyto tote these Hit Parade darlingsin his hip pocket, going jukingwith their sweet white voices.

But they came in the wallet, really.No extra charge exceptfor smooth-talking Negro boysfrom Chicago more equal than separatefor the tastes of George, Orval, or just Bull.

What black boy could ever geta white girl pregnant, sealedin all that faux leather.Wasn't cellophane a prophylactic, too.

Woolworth's did offer a guarantee—to refund the purchase price 100 percentif the buyer was not fully satisfied.I never had the chance. [End Page 101]

Philip C. Kolin

Philip C. Kolin is the Distinguished Professor in the College of Arts and Letters at the University of Southern Mississippi. He has published more than forty books on Tennessee Williams, contemporary African American playwrights, Shakespeare, and other writers. The 10th edition of his Successful Writing at Work has been published recently by Cengage/ Wadsworth. Kolin is also the editor of the Southern Quarterly.



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