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  • Similitude at Versailles
  • Sandra Simonds (bio)

            Welcome to Humanities 203.   Here you will find the mysterious         death of the honeybee, the Byzantine emperor,   Justinian, who made church and state      a seamless whole. Quiz tomorrow.   When someone dies, you buy their relatives flowers.1-800-FLOWERS. As a result      your driving privilege will be suspended            indefinitely on 11/13/2012.               Where's mommy?   I said I was trying to write this poem      for the day, do you mind?The Real Ghostbusters will return         after these messages. The trap's ready.I can get a girlfriend anytime I want.

   On the toddler bed, wrapped in the felt         blanket with monkeys printed all over it,            their prehensile tails curled—      I promise guys, I'll never let myselfget carried away by women again. I want pancakes.   Hey, Sandra, I think Charlotte might be hungry.      I'll be there in a second.   Okay, I'll just feed her now.

      —what could pass as love inside capital?   Maybe just these records, the real.      At the Halloween festival my friend dressed      her child as one of the 1%. Ezekiel         was a pirate. Her little girl threw            fake bills into the air. She dancedin her suit and fake mustache. Thought—   it will only ever snow $ in Florida [End Page 147]       and you seemed more like the bas-relief,the minor key, some detail about Louis XIV'S            weak blood that I always forget to teach,         and for a moment I had become      the anarchy of the sea—you know how the wavesare always pounding out some polyphony      in saltwater, algae and fish      that their subjects cannot understand. [End Page 148]

Sandra Simonds

Sandra Simonds is the author of Warsaw Bikini (Bloof Books, 2008), Mother Was a Tragic Girl (Cleveland State University Press, 2012), House of Ions (Bloof Books, 2014), and The Glass Box (Saturnalia Books, 2015).



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