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  • Carthusia
  • Andrew Seguin (bio)

No speech but the sound of themselvesat a walk across the bowed oak floor,the other inhabitants known by strideor because of no stride, thoughtto be at sleep, prayer or silence.No mentor but the winter, a mediumthat muffles hoof and wolf and shelvesthe pines with so much whitethe branches cannot bear another color.A cardinal alights as a gunshot.No need for the tongue but to taste or chant.Snow is the only syllableanyone need know, and the land notates it.The ear is within the instrument. [End Page 146]

Andrew Seguin

Andrew Seguin is a poet and photographer. He is the author of the chapbook Black Anecdote, and has received fellowships from Poets House and the Fulbright Program. Andrew's most recent photographic work is "The Whale in the Margin," a series of cyanotypes inspired by Moby-Dick.



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