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Paula Daccarett, “Shabbat, Noël, and Jewish Temporal Modernity: A Comparative View from Salonica”

Jonathan Hess, “Off to America and Back Again, or Judah Touro and Other Products of the German Jewish Imagination”

Annette Aronowicz, “Jews, Revenge, and the Modern State: Secular and Sacred in Haim Sloves’s ‘Avengers’”

Svetlana Natkovich, “A Land of Harsh Ways: ‘Tristan da Runha’ as Jabotinsky’s Social Fantasy”

Zohar Maor, “Moderation from Right to Left: The Hidden Roots of Brit Shalom”

Shaul Stampfer, “Did the Khazars Convert to Judaism?”

Yael Feldman, “‘Not as Sheep to Slaughter’: On Trauma, Selective Memory, and the Making of Historical Consciousness”

David Malkiel, “Modernity in the Graveyard: Jewish Tombstones from Padua (1830–1862)”

Joshua Teplitsky, “Jewish Money, Jesuit Censors, and the Habsburg Monarchy: Politics and Polemics in Early Modern Prague”

Ellie Schainker, “Jewish Conversion in an Imperial Context: Confessional Choice and Multiple Baptisms in Nineteenth-Century Russia”

Marsha Rozenblit, “Jews and Other Germans: The Case of Moravia, 1848–1938”

Amos Morris-Reich, “Photography in Economies of Demonstration: The Idea of the Jews as a Mixed-Race People” [End Page 151]



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