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jumping out of oblivionthe women hurl bricks and songsat page-passers-by

they want to be extricatedtheir hair is festooned with capital letters and asterisksshell-slenderthey swayinvoking the Princess of the Printing PressRecaller to Life

they crycodify us! alphabetize us! restore us reduce retrieve revamp restructure usrecord usintosimple 500 word 250 word accounts

so we can sit in our print-condos   layer on layerhang out knotted-sheet-ropesto shimmy from window to windowclimbing from C to D zipping in for a visitwhispering in our cubicles across the generations

o restore!o store on CD-ROM!o acres of communicating 3-D womentheir dwellings lightly linked with sky-gluewhat subversive tendenciesmightemerge [End Page 4]

Harriet Feinberg

Harriet Feinberg was on the staff of Jewish Women in America: An Historical Encyclopedia. She edited Memories, the English translation of the autobiography of Dutch Jewish feminist and physician Aletta Jacobs (1854-1929). She has taught English and trained English teachers at the University of Massachusetts in Boston.



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