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  • Chris Herrera

Alex Perry and I established Theoretical & Applied Ethics with a primary goal of ensuring that the journal would grow up squarely within the scholarly world but be spared the negative influences that affect so many other journals. We wanted to showcase the best work in ethics while not becoming stuck in the mainstream, and we wanted to break away from the traditional way of interacting with authors, who after all are the lifeblood of any journal. In these and other ways, we hoped that t&ae would be seen as traditional yet progressive at the same time. What we did not realize, and to be honest, were not prepared for, was the prospect that any of this would actually work.

When it became clear that we were receiving more submissions and suggestions for future thematic issues than we could adequately address, Alex and I began to search for more journal staff and an academic publisher. After more than a year of negotiations with various publishers, we decided to partner with the University of Nebraska Press. Not only did Nebraska ensure us that we would be able to maintain our slightly counter-culture perspective, the Press has offered very useful advice on how we might handle our future growth. The fact that the state of Nebraska holds a special place in our hearts helped to seal the deal. Thank you to the Press, the authors who contributed to this issue, and the readers who support their efforts and ours. [End Page vii]



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