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No. 1 — January 2013
Policy Diffusion of Emission Standards: Is There a Race to the Top? Eri Saikawa 1
Regional Organizations and International Politics: Japanese Influence over the Asian Development Bank and the UN Security Council Daniel Yew Mao Lim and James Raymond Vreeland 34
Path Shifting of the Welfare State: Electoral Competition and the Expansion of Work-Family Policies in Western Europe Kimberly J. Morgan 73
The Geographic Context of Political Attitudes among Migrant-Origin Individuals in Europe Rahsaan Maxwell 116
Research Note
Economic Development and Gender Equality: Is There a Gender Kuznets Curve? Joshua Eastin and Aseem Prakash 156
No. 2 — April 2013
King Makers: Local Leaders and Ethnic Politics in Africa Dominika Koter 187
Capital and Opposition in Africa: Coalition Building in Multiethnic Societies Leonardo R. Arriola 233
When the Claim Hits: Bilateral Investment Treaties and Bounded Rational Learning Lauge N. Skovgaard Poulsen and Emma Aisbett 273
The Left and Organized Labor in Low-Inflation Times Marco Simoni 314
Review Article
Separatist Conflict in the Former Soviet Union and Beyond: How Different Was Communism? Benjamin Smith 350
No. 3 — July 2013
Female Combatants and the Perpetration of Violence: Wartime Rape in the Sierra Leone Civil War Dara Kay Cohen 383
Business and Welfare State Development: Why Did Employers Accept Social Reforms? Thomas Paster 416
Globalizing Electoral Politics: Political Competence and Distributional Bargaining in the European Union Christina J. Schneider 452
When Can Liberal States Avoid Unwanted Immigration? Self-Limited Sovereignty and Guest Worker Recruitment in Switzerland and Germany Antje Ellermann 491
Union Density and Political Strikes Johannes Lindvall 539
No. 4 — October 2013
US versus Them: Mass Attitudes toward Offshore Outsourcing Edward D. Mansfield and Diana C. Mutz 571
Permissive Constitutions, Democracy, and Religious Freedom in India, Indonesia, Israel, and Turkey Hanna Lerner 609
Domestic Revolutionary Leaders and International Conflict Jeff D. Colgan 656
Banks and the False Dichotomy in the Comparative Political Economy of Finance Iain Hardie, David Howarth, Sylvia Maxfield, and Amy Verdun 691
Review Article
Democratic Careening Dan Slater 729

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