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Biography 25.3 (2002) iii

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Editor's Note

This issue of Biography represents two significant departures from our regular duties and routines. First, this will be the last issue I will edit until at least June of 2003, when my sabbatical will end. The next four issues will be under the general editorship of Miriam Fuchs, my Associate Editor and Guest Editor for this past Winter's Special Issue on Biography and Geography. For the next year, Miriam will also assume the Directorship of the Center for Biographical Research. In addition, with this issue we say farewell to Lori Kozey, Electronic Production Manager, journals editor, and our liaison with the University of Hawai'i Press—the person responsible for shepherding the journal, in both its formats, to our readers.

Second, longtime readers will notice that for the first time since we inaugurated the feature in 1987, our regular Reviewed Elsewhere section is missing from an issue. The reason is gratifying, if somewhat embarrassing. Our successful efforts to get Biography caught up and coming out on time have spurred us into sending three issues to press in the past five months. Since timeliness is the crucial virtue for Reviewed Elsewhere, during this period we published all of our editors' regular contributions in the Winter and Spring issues. The result? Nothing for Summer—but a promise that an up-to-the-minute Reviewed Elsewhere will reappear in the Fall.

And one final note: the Annual Bibliography of Life Writing will be appearing in our Fall issue. If you have published something in the field during the past year, please provide us with the bibliographical information and a one- or two- sentence summary of the book or article. Our e-mail address is; our fax number and mailing address appear in the inside cover.