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Contents Volume 50 Spring 2008 In Pursuit of the Ceremonial: The Laboratory of Anthropology’s “Master Collection” of Zuni Pottery Karen Lucic and Bruce Bernstein 1 Summer 2008 Ancient Cultural Interplay of the American Southwest in the Mexican Northwest David R. Wilcox, Phil C. Wiegand, J. Scott Wood and Jerry B. Howard 103 The Mask and the Dance Kitty Alice Snead 207 Autumn 2008 Fences Edited by Ed Williams Walls and Fences: Perspectives from Universities and Museums Ed Williams and Anna Johnson 227 Fences and Between Fences: Cultural, Historical, and Smithsonian Perspectives Robbie Davis and Ed Williams 243 Border Conflict, Border Fences, and the “Tortilla Curtain” Incident of 1978–1979 Oscar J. Martínez 263 La Pared Que Habla: A Photo Essay about Art and Graffiti at the Border Fence in Nogales, Sonora Maribel Alvarez 279 Constructing a Virtual Wall: Race and Citizenship in U.S.–Mexico Border Policing Josiah McC. Heyman 305 The Policy of Border Fencing between the United States and Mexico: Permeability and Shifting Functions Donna L. Lybecker 335 Winter 2008 Publishing the Southwest: 50 Years On 353 Sympathy for the Devil: Devil Sickness and Lore among the Tohono O’odham Daniel T. Reff 355 Towards a New Interpretation of the Colonial Regime in Sonora, 1681-1821 Ignacio Almada Bay, José Marcos Medina Bustos, and María del Valle Borrero Silva (translated from the Spanish and edited by Jeff Banister) 377 The Timbisha Shoshone and the National Park Idea: Building toward Accommodation and Acknowledgment at Death Valley National Park, 1933-2000 Mark Miller 415 The Case of Tony Hillerman: An Interview Mario Materassi 447 In Memoriam: Kieran McCarty: (1925–2008) Bernard L. Fontana 459 A Sense of Place Senses of Place—y de Placer—in Baja Arizona Gary Paul Nabhan 465 Memory, Place, Being Joseph Wilder and Elizabeth Honor Wilder 471 Volume Contents 477 ...


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