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  • Thanks to Our Reviewers

The Leonardo publications are peer reviewed: before acceptance, every article is reviewed and commented on, usually by three anonymous reviewers. Based on these reviews we make a decision whether to publish the text.

Leonardo covers a wide variety of fields, many of them interdisciplinary and often in emerging areas of experimentation, research and scholarship. Our peer reviewers help us focus on new topics of interest, as other areas may move out of the center of experimentation and become part of established disciplines. In very new areas of inquiry it is often difficult for us to identify three reviewers competent to review the work; in these cases we may ask the authors themselves to suggest new reviewers for our peer review panel. The Leonardo Network in a very real sense grows and evolves through this process of collaborative filtering.

We wish to take this opportunity to thank some of the reviewers who in the past year have on a volunteer basis spent time writing very thoughtful reviews that both help us make a publication decision and help the authors to improve their texts:

Liliana Albertazzi, Christine Assaiante, Marc Battier, Sinan Bokesoy, Claus-Christian Carbon, David Carrier, Michael Corballis, Mellisa Coleman, Evelina Domnitch, Frank Dufour, Michael Early, David Em, Michele Emmer, Jayanne English, James Enns, Kathryn Evans, Sidney Fels, Jessica Field, Ken Fields, Michael Fowler, Jean Gagnon, Scot Gresham-Lancaster, Amanda Gluibizzi, Brian Harnetty, Amy Ione, Susan Iverson, Janis Jefferies, Mauri Kaipainen, Jeremy Kargon, Kim Knight, Francois-Joseph Lapointe, Patrice Le Gal, Guillermo Lemarchand, Jerrold Levinson, Patrick Lichty, John Mallinckrodt, Aleksandra Manczak, Edgar Meyer, Rosemary Mountain, Frieder Nake, Michael Neff, Stephan Neuhauss, Michael O'Shea, Jin Wan Park, Sidney Perkowitz, Lucy Petrovic, Cliff Pickover, Sheila Pinkel, Patricia Pisters, Vincent Racaniello, Keith Rayner, Joana Ricou, Robert Root-Bernstein, Mark Rosen, Susan Ryan, Sundar Sarukkai, Aparna Sharma, Tami Spector, John Stein, Anne Swartz, Tibor Tarnai, Robert Thill, Yu-Chuan Tseng, Kim Veltman, Julian Voss-Andreae, James Faure Walker, Stephan Wensveen, Louise Whiteley, Xin-She Yang, Kang Zhang, Jonathan Zilberg [End Page 455]



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