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  • Stomp for the Shadows
  • Pratibha Parmar (bio)
  • Q-UEER Queries

  • U-NSPOKEN, Untold, Uncensored

  • E-MBOLDEN by Rioting Pussies

  • E-RASED by Assimilationists

  • R-ECLAIMED by Freakish Outlaws

SAVE YOUR CHEERS for the dying breed of outlaws and risk takers whose queer experiments of body, image, imaginations thrill tired, cynical synapses.

SHOUT OUT for that near-extinct tribe of queer media makers. —No stupid, not those mainstreaming us, assimilating us, creating homonormative pulp for Western corporate media outlets owned by aging pale hetero males with “oriental” trophy wives.

BIG IT UP for queer inventors of stories that leap and bounce and challenge the suppression of cunts and cocks not remotely interested in procreating or creating tired old narratives of the sterile “family” or the acquiescing automatons. [End Page 567]

TIME AGAIN to lurk in the shadows, no not in the back of a closet, tucked away and forgotten in a dusty corner but active, imposing shadows that upset, destabilize, disrupt the dinner tables and bath times of complacent, bland, boring lives: nonconfirmative shadows that spit in the face of grand narratives of greed, destruction, and lies.

STOMP for the SHADOWS of light and shape and sound yet to come from the sensational instincts and passions of femmes, butches, studs, trans, and all the other freakish dreamers.

RENEW, RECOMMIT, RECONNECT in the vortex of freedom to be found in the collective queer imaginary!

Open all the doors, tear off your epaulets

Come, taste freedom with us. —Pussy Riot

That is all.

Pratibha Parmar
© 2013 by Pratibha Parmar
Pratibha Parmar

Pratibha Parmar has an exemplary track record for her passionate commitment to making films with integrity and illuminating untold stories with visual flair and imagination. Her award-winning works, including Khush (1991), A Place of Rage (1991), Warrior Marks (1993), and Nina’s Heavenly Delights (2006), embody the intersections of women of color experiences, LGBTQ organizing, and cultural and identity politics of these communities. Her dedication in bringing complex subjects into mainstream media has helped change the contours of popular discourse on race, feminism, sexuality, and creativity. Parmar just premiered her latest film, Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth, a feature documentary on the Pulitzer Prize–winning author of The Color Purple, at the Women of the World Festival in London in March 2013.



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