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  • Canadian Ethnic Studies/Études Ethniques au Canada

Vol. 44, No. 1, 2012, Vol. 44, No. 2, 2012 and Vol. 44, No. 3, 2012


Bejan, Raluca. Smoke and Mirrors: How an Allegedly Inclusionary Strategy Perpetuates an Exclusionary Discourse. 43–44.3-1: 165–181.

Berry, John W. Intercultural Relations in Plural Societies: Research Derived from Multiculturalism Policy. 43–44.3-1: 5–18.

Chapman-Nyaho, Selom, Carl E. James, and Dani Kwan-Lafond. “We Expect Much of You”: Enlisting Youth in the Policing of Marginalized Communities. 43–44.3-1: 81–98.

Clark-Kazak, Christina. Introduction: Theorizing Age and Generation in Migration Contexts: Towards Social Age Mainstreaming? 44.3: 1–10.

Cui, Dan. Two Multicultural Debates and the Lived Experiences of Chinese-Canadian Youth. 43–44.3-1: 123–143.

Dippo, Don, Ranu Basu and Marcela Duran. Settlement and Schooling: Unique Circumstances of Refugees and Forced Migrants in Post-War Toronto Suburbs. 44.3: 45–57.

Dua, Enakshi, and Nael Bhanji. Exploring the Potential of Data Collected Under the Federal Contractors Programme to Construct a National Picture of ‘Visible Minority’ and Aboriginal Faculty in Canadian Universities. 44.2: 49–74.

Galczynski, Mariusz, Vilelmini Tsagkaraki, and Ratna Ghosh. Unpacking Multiculturalism in the Classroom: Using Current Events to Explore the Politics of Difference. 43–44.3-1: 145–164.

Henry, Frances. Indigenous Faculty at Canadian Universities: Their Stories. 44.2: 101–132.

Henry, Frances, Andrea Choi and Audrey Kobayashi. The Representation of Racialized Faculty at Selected Canadian Universities. 44.2: 1–12. [End Page 155]

Henry, Frances and Audrey Kobayashi. Editor’s Note. 44.2: iii.

Henry, Frances and Carol Tator. Interviews with Racialized Faculty Members in Canadian Universities. 44.2: 75–99.

Hochbaum, Christine V. Too Old to Work? The Influence of Retraining on Employment Status for Older Immigrants to Canada. 44.3: 97–120.

Hynie, Michaela, Sepali Guruge and Yogendra B. Shakya. Family Relationships of Afghan, Karen and Sudanese Refugee Youth. 44.3: 11–28.

James, Carl E. Strategies of Engagement: How Racialized Faculty Negotiate the University System. 44.2: 133–152.

Lefebvre, Solange et Amina Triki-Yamani. Jeunes adultes immigrants de deuxième génération. Dynamiques ethnoreligieuses et identitaires. 43–44.3-1 : 183–211.

Leung, Ho Hon. Canadian Multiculturalism in the 21st Century: Emerging Challenges and Debates. 43–44.3-1: 19–33.

Li, Peter S. Differences in Employment Income of University Professors. 44.2: 39–48.

Lightman, Naomi, and Luann Good Gingrich.The Intersecting Dynamics of Social Exclusion: Age, Gender, Race and Immigrant Status in Canada’s Labour Market. 44.3: 121–145.

Lindgren, April. Missing and Misrepresented: Portrayals of other Ethnic and Racialized Groups in a Greater Toronto Area Ethnocultural Newspaper. 43–44.3-1: 99–121.

Ramos, Howard. Does How You Measure Representation Matter?: Assessing the Persistence of Canadian Universities’ Gendered and Colour Coded Vertical Mosaic. 44.2: 13–37.

Tyyskä, Vappu, Farishta Murzban Dinshaw, Christopher Redmond, and Frederica Gomes. “Where We Have Come and are Now Trapped”: Views of Victims and Service Providers on Abuse of Older Adults in Tamil and Punjabi Families. 44.3: 59–77.

VanderPlaat, Madine, Howard Ramos, and Yoko Yoshida.What do Sponsored Parents and Grandparents Contribute? 44.3: 79–96.

Weinfeld, Morton. Canadian Jews, Dual/Divided Loyalties and the Tebbit “Cricket” Test. 43–44.3-1: 59–80.

Wilkinson, Lori, Miu Chung Yan, A. Ka Tat Tsang, Rick Sin, and Sean Lauer. The School-to-Work Transitions of Newcomer Youth in Canada. 44.3: 29–44.

Winter, Elke. L’identité multiculturelle au Canada depuis les années 1990 : de la consolidation à la mise en question? 43–44.3-1 : 35–57.

Wong, Lloyd, and Shibao Guo. Multiculturalism Turns 40: Reflections on the Canadian Policy. 43–44.3-1: 1–3. [End Page 156]

Research Notes/Notes de Recherche

Dragasevich, Diane. The Canadian Ethnocultural Council and Evolving Multiculturalism. 43–44.3-1: 227–234.

Margolis, Rebecca. Yiddish and Multiculturalism: A Marriage Made in Heaven? 43–44.3-1: 213–225.


Mahtani, Minelle. The Genealogies of Racial Difference at Canadian Universities. 44.2: 153–156.


Adelman, Howard and Pierre Anctil, eds.Religion, Culture, and the State: Reflections on the Bouchard-Taylor Report. By Nelson Wiseman...


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