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UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO QUARTERLY Contents ofVolume 73, Numbers 2- 4,2003/4 All articles and books reviewed in issues 2-4 ofvolume 73 are listed below.For the material in 'Letters in Canada 2002,' which constitutes issue 1 of the volume, see the 'Index to Books Reviewed,' 73:1 (Winter 2003I 4),639-56. ARTICLES AUBRY, DANIELLE The Singing Detective: Dedales agonistiques d'une redemption 847 BENTLEY, D.M.R. Psychoanalytical Notes upon anAutobiographical Account ofa Caseof Paranoia (Dementia Paranoides): Mrs BentleyinSinclairRoss'sAsfor Me and My House 862 BROUILLETIE,SARAH andTRAVISDECOOK Introduction 941 BRYDON, DIANA Postcolonialism Now: Autonomy,Cosmopolitanism and Diaspora 691 CAWSEY, KATHY 'Alumde glas' Or'Alymed glass'? Manuscript Reading in BookIll of TlleHouseofFame 972 CHAMBERLIN,). EDWARD Reading and Listening to Postcolonial Literature 795 COWAN, YUR1 WilliamAllingham'sBallad Book and Its VictorianReaders 1003 DENHAM, ROBERTO. 'Vision'as a KeyTermin Frye'sCriticism 807 EGOYAN, ATOM In Other Words: Poetic Licence and the Incarnation ofHistory 887 FALK,JANE E. Journal as Genre and Published Text: Beat Avant-Garde Writing Practices 991 GOONEWARDENA,KANISHKA Postcolonialism and Diaspora: A Contribution to the Critique ofNationalistIdeologyand Historiography in the Age of Globalization and Neoliberalism 657 HAWLEY, E. HAVEN Mechanical Fingerprints and the Technology ofNineteenthCenturyAmerican Erotica 1036 HUTCHEON, LINDA InMemory ofEdward W. Said 8os JOHNSTON, MAlT NationalSpectaclefrom the Boatand from the Train:Moulding Perceptions ofHistory in American ScenicGuides of the Nineteenth Century 1021 KANAGANAYAKAM, CHELVA Pedagogy and Postcolonial Literature;or, Do We Need a Centre for PostcolonialStudies? 725 LERER,SETH Chaucer'sSons 906 MACKIE,GREGORY PublishingNotoriety: Piracy, Pornography, and Oscar Wilde 980 QUAYSON, ATO SymbolizationCompulsion: Testing a PsychoanalyticalCategory on Postcolonial African Literature 754 RAJAN, BALACHANDRA Imperialismand the Other End ofHistory 707 REID, DAvro Euro-Scepticism:Thoughts on Metonymy 917 REID, DYLAN Renaissance Printingand Provincial Culture in Sixteenth-Century Rouen 1011 STRAw, WILL Traffic inScandal: The Storyof Broadway Brevities 947 TENKORTENAAR,NEIL BecomingAfrican and the Death oflkemefuna 773 WILLIAMS, MARK On the Discrirninations of Postcolonialism in Australia and New Zealand 739 REVIEWS MUNK,L!NDA 'Resentment-Pipers': The Case ofHarold Bloom 934 NOWLIN, MICHAEL The Gift of WilJiam Faulkner 1051 ...


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