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Index to Books Reviewed Index des ouvrages recenses Adamoski, Robert, DorothyE. Chunn, and RobertMenzies, ed Contesting Canadian Citizenship: HistoricalReadings 136 Aide,William Sea Voyage with Pigs 62 Alarie, Donald Cinema urbain 451 Alexander, F. King, and Kern Alexander , eds The University: International Expectations 100 Alexander,Kern. See Alexander, F. King Allen,MichaelJ.B. See Ficino,Marsilio Alonzo, Anne-Marie ... et Ia nuit 429 Ancrenat,Anne De memoiredefemmes. "La memoirearchai"que» dans I'reuvre romanesque d'Anne Revert 517 Anderson-Dargatz, Gail A Rhinestone Button 23 Annuaire theatral 479 Apostolska, Aline Au joli mois de mai 432 Argyle, Gisela Germany as Model and Monster: Allusions in English Fiction, 18]0S-19]0S 232 Armstrong, John Griffith The Halifax Explosion and theRoyal Canadian Navy 286 Armstrong, Luanne The BoneHouse 17 Armstrong, Tammy Translations: Aistreann 11 Arseneau, Marc Avec I'idee de l'€cho 446 Astle, Robert Theatre without Borders 378 Atwood, Margaret Negotiating with the Dead: A Writer on Writing 348 Aude Quelqu'un 394 Audet, Martine Les tables 424 Audet, Noel Les bonheurs d'un heros incertain 394 Audet, Rene. Voir Grefen, Alexandre Avison, Margaret Concrete and Wild Carrot 31 Axelrod, Paul Values in Conflict: The Universitlj, the Marketplace, and the Trials ofLiberal Education 97 Babe, Robert E. Canadian Communication Thought: Ten Foundational Writers 151 Bach, Rebecca Ann Colonial Transformations : The Cultural Production of the New Atlantic World, 1580- 1640 192 Bachand, Denis. Voir Vandendorpe, Christian · Banks, Kenneth J. Chasing Empire across the Sea: Communications and the State in the French Atlantic, 17131763 205 Barlow, Maude et Tony Clarke L'or bleu. L'eau, nouvel enjeu strategique et commercial, trans Paule Noyart 85 Barman, Jean Constance Lindsay Skinner : Writing on the Frontier 267 Barney, Robert K., Stephen R. Wenn, and Scott G. Martyn Selling the Five Rings: The International Committee and the Rise of Olympic Commercialism 157 Barr, William, ed From Barrow to Boothia: The Arctic Journal ofChief Factor Peter Warren Dease, 1836-189 223 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO QUARTERLY, VOLUME 73, NUMBER 1, WINTER 2003/4 640 INDEX TO BOOKS REVIEWED Barrett, Anthony A. Livia: First Lady of Imperial Rome 170 Bartlett, Brian The Afterlife ofTrees 31 Baudot, Alain. Voir Tatilon, Claude Beard, William, and Jerry White, eds North of Everything: English-Canadian Cinema since 1980 376 Beasley, David McKee Rankin and the Heyday ofthe American Theater 247 Beasley, R., M. Danesi, and P. Perron Signs for Sale: An Outline ofSemiotic Analysis for Advertisers and Marketers 146 Beauchemin, Jean-Franc;ois Le petit pont de Ia Louve 386 Beaudry, Jacques Cesare Pavese l'homme fatal 624 Beaulieu, Michel Trivialites 425 Beaulieu, Victor-Levy Vingt-sept petits poemes pour jouer dans I'eau des mots 430 Beausoleil, Claude Intrusion ralentie 443; Les passions exterieures 451 Behiels, Michael, and Marcel Martel, eds Nations, Ideas, Identities. Essays in Honour ofRamsay Cook 126 Belshaw, John Douglas Colonization and Community: The Vancouver Island Coalfield and the Making ofthe British Columbia Working Class 139 Benson, David L. And We Were Sailors ... 45 Bergman, Catherine From theJapanese. A Journalist's Encounters, trans Catherine Bergman 92 Bernier, Marc Andre Libertinage et figures du savoir. Rhetorique et roman libertin dans Ia France des Lumieres (1734-1751) 573 Bertrand, Aloysius Vers et contes epars 584 Bertrand, Claudine Jardin des vertiges. Poemes 445 Berube, Sophie La trombe sacree 450 Best,Janice La subversion silencieuse. Censure, autocensure et lutte pour Ia Iibert€ d'expression 582 Betcherman, Lita-Rose Ernest Lapointe: Mackenzie King's Quebec Lieutenant 266 Billette, Genevieve Le gouteur 461 Binnema, Theodore, Gerhard J. Ens, and R.C. MacLeod, eds From Rupert 's Land to Canada 128 bissett, bill peteramong th towring boxes I text bites 49 Bissonnette, Lise An AppropriatePlace, trans Sheila Fischman 89; Des lettres et des saisons 561 Bissonnette, Louise Terre d'argile 41 4 Bissoondath, Neil Un baume pour le creur, trans Lori Saint-Martin and Paul Gagne 86 Black, J. David The Politics ofEnchantment : Romanticism, Media, and Cultural Studies 209 Blackburn, Carole Harvest ofSouls: The Jesuit Missions and Colonialism in North America, 1632-1650 200 Blackburn, Robin In Green 39 Blais, Marie-Claire Des rencontres humaines 561 Blumenfeld-Kosinski, Renate, Luise von Flotow, and Daniel Russell, eds The Politics ofTranslation in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance...


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