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Contributors I Collaborateurs FICTION Noreen Golfman, Department of English, Memorial University Lorraine York, Department of English, York University ROMAN Pierre Karch, Departementd'etudes fran<;aises, College Glendon, UniversiteYork NOUVELLE Michel Lord, Departementd'etudes fran<;aises, Universite deToronto POETRY Julia Reibetanz, DepartmentofEnglish, University ofToronto POESIE Roger Chamberland Marcel Olscamp, Departement des lettresfran<;aises, Universite d'Ottawa DRAMA Bruce Barton, Graduate Centre for the Study of Drama, University of Toronto THEATRE Marie! O'Neill-Karch, Departement d'etudes fran<;aises, Universite de Toronto TRANSLATIONS Agnes Whitfield, School ofTranslation, Glendon College, York University REVUESSCIENTIFIQUES Fran<;ois Pare, Departementd'etudes franr;aises, University ofGuelph HUMANITIES /SCIENCESHUMAINES Alan Ackerman, Department of English, University ofToronto T.H. Adamowski, Department of English, University ofToronto SuzanneConklin Akbari, Department ofEnglish and Centre for Medieval Studies, University ofToronto Derek Allen, Department of Philosophy, University ofToronto John Astington, Graduate Drama Centre, University ofToronto Rene Audet, Departement des litteratures, Universite Laval Anne Geddes Bailey, Department of English, universities ofWestern Ontario and Alberta Deirdre Baker, Department ofEnglish, UniversityofToronto T.D.Barnes, Department ofClassics UniversityofToronto W.Mary Beard, Newnham College, Cambridge University Thierry Belleguic, Departement des litteratures,Universite Laval Janice Best, Department ofFrench, Acadia University David Bevington, Department of English and Comparative Literature, UniversityofChicago Alan Sewell, Department of English, UniversityofToronto J.J.Black, Centre for Research on Canadian-Russian Relations, Ottawa UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO QUARTERLY, VOLUME 73, NUMBER 1, WINTER 7-00J / 4 634 CONTRIBUTORS/COLLABORATEURS Peter Blanchard, Department of History, University ofToronto William Blissett, Department of English, University ofToronto Benoit Bolduc, Departement d'etudes fran~aises, Universitede Toronto Rachel Bouvet, Departement d'etudes litteraires, Universite du Quebec a Montreal Anne-Marie Brousseau, Departement d'etudes fran~aises, Universite de Toronto Elspeth Brown, Centre for the Studyof theUnited States, MunkCentre, University ofToronto Russell Brown, DepartmentofEnglish, University ofToronto Patricia Briickmann, Departmentof English, UniversityofToronto Gaetan Brulotte, Department ofWorld Language Education, University of South Florida JenniferChambers, Department of English, UniversityofAlberta AdamChapnick, Department of English, UniversityofToronto David Clandfield, New College, University ofToronto Sandra Clark, School ofEnglish and Humanities, BirbeckCollege Kenneth Coates, Department of History, UniversityofSaskatchewan Viviana Comensoli, Departmentof English, Wilfrid LaurierUniversity Nancy Copeland, Department of English and Drama, Universityof TorontoatMississauga Patricia Cormack, Departmentof Sociology & Anthropology, St. Francis Xavier University Jean-Denis Cote, Departementdes lettres fran~aises, Universite d'Ottawa Nicole Cote, Departementde fran~ais, Universite de Regina Angela Cozea, Departement d'etudes fran~aises, Universite de Toronto Jim Cummins, OISE, University of Toronto Marcel Danesi, Department of Anthropology, University ofToronto Estelle Dansereau, Department of French, Italian and Spanish, University of Calgary GrantDawson, Department ofHistory, CarletonUniversity Fran~ois Demers, Departementd'informationet de communication, Universite Laval Cecily Devereux, Department of Eng~ !ish, University ofWestern Ontario Janice Dickin, Faculty ofCommunication & Culture, UniversityofCalgary Jack Dimond, Toronto Michael Dixon, Department ofEnglish, UniversityofToronto Michael Dorland, School ofJournalism and Communication, Carleton University Gilles Dorion, Departement des litteratures, Universite Laval RobinElliot, Faculty ofMusic, UniversityofToronto Laura El-Mouelhy Mossino, Departement de langue et litterature fran~aises, Universite McGill E. JaneErrington, Department of History, Royal Military College ClaudeEvans, Departement d'etudes franc;aises, allemandes et italiennes, Universite de Toronto aMississauga GillianFenwick, Department of English, UniversityofToronto Russell Field, Faculty ofPhysical Education and Health, University of Toronto Len Findlay, DepartmentofEnglish, UniversityofSaskatchewan Fred Flahiff, Department of English, UniversityofToronto UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO QUARTERLY, VOLUME 73, NUMBER 1, WINTER 2003 / 4 COLLABORATEURS/CONTRIBUTORS 635 Max Foran, Faculty ofCommunication and Culture, University ofCalgary Andree Fortin, Departement de sociologie, Universite Laval Alistair Fox, Division ofHumanities, University ofOtago Helen Freedhoff, Departmentof Physics and Astronomy, York University Jane Freeman, School ofGraduate Studies, University ofToronto Fran~ois-Marc Gagnon, Institute of Studies in Canadian Art, Concordia University Arlene Gehmacher, Royal Ontario Museum Carole Gerson, DepartmentofEnglish, Simon Fraser University Sheridan Gilley, Department of Theology, University ofDurham Marlene Goldman, Department of English, University ofToronto Sherill Grace, Department ofEnglish, University ofBritish Columbia Louis Greenspan, Department of Religious Studies, McMaster University Allan Greer, Department ofHistory, University ofToronto Claude Gregoire, College Merici, Quebec Hans-Jiirgen Greif, Departement des litteratures, UniversiteLaval Terrence Grier, Ryerson University M. Ann Hall, Faculty ofPhysical Education and Recreation, University ofAlberta Rick Halpern, Munk Centre, University ofToronto Susan Hamilton, Departmentof English, University ofAlberta Peter Harcourt, DepartmentofFilm Studies, Carleton University Max Harris, WisconsinHumanities Council Charles Haskell Hinnant, Department ofEnglish, University ofMissouri David M. Hayne, Departement d'etudes fran~aises, Universitede Toronto Thomas Healy, School ofEnglishand Humanities, Birbeck College CasieHermansson, Department of English, PittsburgStateUniversity David Higgs, DepartmentofHistory, University ofToronto W. Speed Hill, Graduate Centre, City University ofNew York Michie! Horn, Department ofHistory, YorkUniversity ChristopherP. Hosgood, Department ofHistory, University ofLethbridge Shawn Huffman, Departement d'etudes litteraires, Universite du Quebec aMontreal Renee Hulan, DepartmentofEnglish, St. Mary's University Christopher Innes, Canada Research Chairin Performance and Culture, YorkUniversity Chris Jennings, Department ofEnglish, University ofToronto LucieJoubert, Departement des lettres fran~aises, Universite d'Ottawa Daniel HeathJustice, Departmentof English, University ofToronto ChristianeKegle, Departementdes litteratures,Universite Laval Adrienne Kertzer, Department of English, University ofCalgary Jon Kertzer, Department ofEnglish, University ofCalgary CatherineKhordoc, Departement d'etudes franc;aises, Universite Carleton Mark Kingwell, Departmentof Philosophy, University ofToronto Elizabeth Kraft, Departmentof English, University ofGeorgia Gautam Kundu, Department of UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO QUARTERLY, VOLUME 73, NUMBER 1, WINTER ZOO}/4 636 CONTRIBUTORS/COLLABORf..TEURS ~/ Literature and Philosophy, Georgia Southern University Thomas Lamarre, Department ofEast AsianStudies, McGill University Benoit Leblanc, Departement de franc;ais, Universite du Quebec a Trois-Rivieres Roland Le Huenen, Departement dI etudes franc;aises, Etudes comparees, Universite de Toronto Rachele Longo Lavorato, Department ofltalian, UniversityofToronto Elena Lombardi, Department ofItalian, McGill University John Lewis, OISE,UniversityofToronto Philip Longworth, Department of Histsory, McGill University Manoly R. Lupul, Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, University of Alberta Laurel Sefton MacDowell, Department ofHistory, University ofToronto David MacKenzie, Department of History, Ryerson University Patrick Macklem, Faculty ofLaw, University ofToronto GuyIaine Martel, Departement d'information et de communication, Universite Laval Thomas Mathien, Departmentof Philosophy, University ofToronto Dawn McCance, University of Manitoba Kathy M'Closkey, Departmentof Sociology and Anthropology, University ofWindsor Karen McClosky, College universitaire Huron, UniversityofWestern Ontario Cora McCloy, Faculty ofPhysical Education and Health, University of Toronto Robert McDonald, Department of History, University ofBritish Columbia Jo-Ann :tv):~Eachern, Departmentof Frenc\1, University of British Columbia C. Thomas Mcintire, Department of Reli~ion, University ofToronto Kenn~th McKay, Birch River, Manitoba Shelley McKellar, Department of Hiseory, McMaster University WilliamMichelson, Department of Sociology, University ofToronto Pascal Michelucci, Departement d'etudes franc;aises, allemandes et italiennes, Universite de Toronto a Mississauga Dale Miquelon, Department of History, University ofSaskatchewan Jacques Monet, SJ, Toronto Bill Moreau, Scarborough Carl Morey, Faculty of Music, University ofToronto Desmond Morton, Departmentof History, McGill University Nick Mount, Departmentof English, University ofToronto Jose C. Moya, DepartmentofHistory, UCLA Jerry Z. Muller, DepartmentofHistory, CatholicUniversity ofAmerica Amy Mullin, Department ofPhilosophy , UniversityofToronto Kim Munholland, Department of History, University ofMinnesota Linda Munk, DepartmentofEnglish, UniversityofToronto Heather Murray, Department of English, University ofToronto Judith Nasby, Macdonald StewartArt Centre, University ofGuelph MartinNemoianu, Toronto Jan Noel, Department ofHistory, University ofToronto Stephanie Nutting, Departementde franc;ais, Universite de Guelph John O'Connor, Department of English,University ofToronto UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO QUARTERLY, VOLUME 73, NUMBER 1, WINTER 2003/4 \...VLL/\.DVl


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