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  • New Periodicals
  • Lindsay Hansen

This semiannual column selectively lists new periodicals; describes their objectives, formats, and contents; and provides information about special issues, title and format changes, mergers, and cessations. The following resources were frequently consulted when assembling this column: International Index to Music Periodicals (IIMP;, Music Index (MI;, RILM Abstracts of Music Literature, (RILM;, OCLC Worldcat, Ulrich’s Periodical Directory ( and the Directory of Open Access Journals ( All Web sites were accessed on 19 March 2013 unless otherwise specified.


Reviews, new titles, and publisher and title changes announced elsewhere in this column include additional comments about electronic access.

Beiträge empirischer musikpädagogik / bulletin of empirical music education research (b:em) (; ISSN 2190-3174) is an open-access journal examining qualitative and quantitative research in music education. Although this title is primarily in German, the journal does accept articles in English and is officially bilingual. It is published by the Deutsche Forschungsge-meinschaft (German Research Foundation, or DFG), hosted by the University of Bremen, and edited by Andreas Lehmann-Wermser. Articles are available in PDF and HTML.

International Index to Music Periodicals Full Text Coverage Updates ( offers newly indexed and full text titles. Gitarre & Laute (ISSN 0172-9683) is available from January of 1996 to the present. The Journal of Jazz Studies (ISSN 2158-1401) is indexed with citations from 1973 to the present. The Journal of Popular Music Studies (ISSN 1533–1598) is indexed with citations from March 2012 to the present. Performing Islam (ISSN 2043-1015), published since May, 2012, is indexed with citations to the present.

International Repertory of Music Literature (Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale [RILM]) offers new searching capabilities in both the EBSCOhost and Proquest platforms. Users may browse by controlled vocabularies for people, subjects, instruments, etc. The full classification systems and vocabularies are available at and can be browsed on EBSCO (Browse subjects/instruments/names) as well as ProQuest (“Look up RILM topics”, “Look up ethnic groups” “…people”… “instruments”…). Users can search in non-Western languages (such as Russian or Chinese) using the original script, with results in the same languages. The staff are currently working on collocating names and subject headings through equivalencies files. RILM has equivalencies for c. 40,000 names. For example, a search for Tchaikovsky, Chai kowsky, and other iterations would result in bibliographical [End Page 153] records. Future projects include such equivalencies files for instruments and geographical locations.

Music + Practice ( is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal that “wants to stimulate multidisciplinary, meta-theoretical, and philosophical discussions on practices, reflections on performance, teaching, and composition, as well as new and diverse forms of musical and/or artistic research.” The editor in chief is Erlend Hovland from the Norwegian Academy of Music. Articles are available in HTML; some articles include multimedia components.

Retrospective Index to Music Periodicals, 1800–1950 (Repertoire International de la Presse Musicale [RIPM]) Coverage updates include indexed titles: Kastner’s Wiener Musikalische Zeitung (Vienna, 1885–1888), Musikalisches Chronik (1887–1888), Revue français de musique (Lyon, 1912–1914), Il Pianoforte (Turin, 1920–1927), The Baton (New York, 1922–1932), Antara (Lima, Peru; 1930), and Revista musical Peruana (Lima, Peru; 1939–1941). New print indexed titles include Russkaia muzykal’naia gazeta (St. Petersburg, 1894–1918). Vols. 5–10, The Chesterian (London, 1915–1940, 1947–1961), and The Monthly Musical Record (London, 1871–1960). Vols. 7–9.

Newly featured with full text: Wöchentliche Nachrichten und Anmerkungen die Musik Betreffend (Leipzig, 1766–1770), Eutonia (Breslau/Berlin, 1829–1837), The Musical World (London, 1836–1850; first installment), Les Beaux-Arts (Montreal, 1863–1864)

Il Teatro illustrato (Milan, 1880–1892), and Il Teatro illustrato e la Musica popolare (Milan, 1886–1892). For titles in the RIPM Online Archive (Full-Text) see:

Title, Frequency, and Publisher Changes; Cessations

Periodica Musica (ISSN 0882-7594), published by the University of Maryland’s Center for...


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