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Index to Books Reviewed Index des ouvrages recenses Aitken, Kelley Love in a Warm Climate 1.4 aI-GhazalI The Incoherence of the Philosophers, trans Michael E. Marmura 175 Alexis, Andre Childhood 36 Allen, Michelle Le jeu des oiseaux 423 Anderson, Joan. See Strong-Boag, Veronica Anderson, Marguerite Les crus de L'Esplanade 391 Anderson-Dargatz, Gail A Recipe for Bees 30 Anselmi, William, and Kosta Gouliamos Elusive Margins: Consuming Media, Ethniciiy, and Culture 134 Antoine, Gerald et Robert Martin Histoire de Ia langue jran9aise, 1914-1945 517 Archambault, Frant;ois Quinze secondes 419 Archambault, Gilles Les maladresses du eceur 370 Aronoff, Phyllis. See Atwood, Margaret Attridge, Derek, and Rosemary Jolly, eds Writing South Africa: Literature, Apartheid, and Democracy, 1970-1995 357 Atwood, Margaret In Searell of'Alias Grace': On Writing Canadian Historical Fiction 348 Atwood, Margaret, and Victor-Levy Beaulieu Two Solicitudes: Conversations, trans Phyllis Aronoff and Howard Scott 110 Aude L'enfal1t migrateur 363; The Indiscemable Movement, trans Jill Cairns 111 Ayres-Bennett, Wendy et Philippe Caron Les Remarques de fAcademie jran9aise sur Ie Quinte-Curce de Vaugelas, 1719-1720 517 Bailey, Peter Popular Culture and Performa11ce in the Victorian City 248 Baillargeon, Morgan, and Leslie Tepper Legends ofOur Times: Native Cowboy Life 298 Baker, Emerson W., and John G. Reid The New Englalld Knight: Sir William Phips, 1651-1695 206 Barnes, Timothy D. Ammianus Marcellinus and the Representation ojHistorical Reality 173 Bashevkin, Sylvia Women on the Defensive : Living through Conservative Times 126 Baskerville, Peter, and Eric W. Sager Unwilling Idlers: The Urban Unemployed and Their Families in Late Victorian CarU/da 238 Beauchamp, Estelle La vie emprunUe 380 Beauchemin, Yves The Second Fiddle, trans David Homel 107 Beauchim, Jean-Fran~ois Comme enfant je suis cliit 362 Beaulieu, Victor-Levy Les contes 530 INDEX TO BOOKS REVIEWED quebecois du grand-pere fargeron ason petit-fils Bouscotte 390 Beaulieu, Jean-Philippe, Jeanne Demers, et Andre Maindron Marguerite Yourcenar. Ecritures de I'Alltre 455; see also Atwood, Margaret Beaumier, Jean-Paul Dis-moi quelque chose 389 Beausoleil, Claude Le chant du voyageur 411; The Grand Hotel of Foreigners, trans Jed English and George Morrissette 112; La ville aux yeux d'hiver 413 Beckwith, John Music Papers: Articles and Talks by a Canadia11 Composer 1961- 1994 337 Beiner, Ronald Philosophy in a Time of Lost Spirit. Essays on Contempormy Theory 309 Bennett, Vicki Sacred Space and Structural Style: The Embodiment of Socia-Religious IdeologtJ 235 Bergeron, Henri L'Amazol1e 365 Bernard, Roger Le Canada fra11(ais : entre mythe et utopie 492. Berry, Edward The Making ofSir Philip Sidney 192 Biddiscombe, Perry Werwolf! The History of the National Socialist Guerilla Movement, 1944-1946 353 Bishop, Neil. See Lalonde, Robert Bissonnette, Lise Cruelties, trans Sheila Fischman 111 Bissoondath, Neil The Worlds within Her 32 Blais, Marie-Claire Wintersleep 90 Bombardier, Louise Le champ 426 Bongie, Laurence L. Sade. A Biographical Essay 450 Boni, Franci, ed Rhubarb-o-rama! Plays and Playwrights from the Rhubarb! Festival 82 Bosco, Monique Confiteor 379 Bouchard, Chantal La langue et Ie nomhril. Histoire d'une obsession qw?becoise 505 Bouchard, Michel Marc Le chemin des passes-dal1gereuses 421 Boucher, Jean-Pierre Histoires fleuries 394 Boullata, Issa]., and Terri De Young, eds Tradition and Modernity in Arabic Literature 311 Bouraoui, Hedi Rose des sables 414 Bourneuf, Roland Litterature et peinture 504 Boutilier, Beverly, and Alison Prentice, eds Creating Historical Memory: English-Canadian Women and the Work ofHistonJ 2.95 Braddon, Mary Elizabeth Aurora Floyd, ed Richard Nemesvari and Lisa Surridge 2.65 Brand, Dionne No Language Is Neutral 43 Breton, Yves Qui verra vivra 364 Brochu, Andre L'inconcevable 408 Brossard, Nicole She Would Be the First Sentence ofMy Next NovellEIle serait Ia premiere phrase de mon proclzain roman, trans Susanne de LotbiniereHarwood 110 Brown, Janice The Seven Deadly Sins in the Work ofDorothy L. Sayers 283 Brown, Loranne The Handless Maiden 12 Brown, Steven C. Native Visions: Evolution in Northwest Coast Artfrom the Eighteenth through the Twentieth Century 211 Brulotte, Gaetan Les Cl/hiers de Limel1tinus,' lectures fin de siecle 429; L'univers de Jean Paul Lemieux 50 4 Bruneau, Carol Depth Rapture 39 Brunelle, Michel Confidences d'un taxicomane 370 INDEX DES OUVRAGES RECENSES 531 Budra...


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